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Men's Group



This is about men supporting men. One thing women are better at then men is emotionally supporting one another. And it turns out that men have feelings too! And those feelings are valid and matter. This video is about Men's Group which is about men supporting men.

Target audience

Men who grew up in dysfunctional homes and want to be a better man for their family. This is about working through your interpersonal issues so that when you go back to your girlfriend, wife or children the communication improves and then the relationship improves. This is also great for people who know the man the wish to become as that could be created through this group as well.


The video will let you know that there is something for you that is for men.


The video is just of me talking so not much to look at lol

Other comments

I hope it resonates with you - if it does let me know. If you want to talk, let me know.

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3800 E Galvin St, Cave Creek, AZ 85331, USA

I am a Certified Brain and Consciousness Coach and I take people with mental illness from Codependence to Enlightenment. I am certified by iPEC, the "Harvard of Coaching Schools" and Dr. Daniel Amen, probably the most renown Psychiatrist in our country, if. not the world. In case you're not familiar with Dr. Amen, he is famous for identifying 7 types of ADD and 6 types of Depression. And what he does is he takes pictures of the brain that tells him what areas of the brain are over or under-active. Then he recommends supplements to balance the brain, only using RX when it's absolutely necessary.

After he did thousands of scans he created a coaching program for others to do his work as well. He created questionnaires based on the results from the pictures he took through the years. The way you answer the questions will tell me what your brain would look like if we took pictures. You could go to Amen Clinic and get pictures if you want and still work with me, though the pics are expensive.

As a coach, my goal is for you to completely heal - to get to a point where you are so healthy, you can't relate to your former self. That's what I've accomplished in my own life and now I'm here to help you accomplish that in your life. We will talk and create a customized healed life lifestyle for you. One of the things that I do that other coaches typically don't do is refer people out to other services.

If we are talking and you're explaining an issue and there is a procedure or a treatment that you could get for that issue I will refer you out to get the treatment. We'll still have to do therapy on the underlying thoughts or behavior patterns so you don't recreate the issue. I'm here to make sure your needs get met no matter what.

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