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Intuitive Life coaching for the month of September 2021

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This is a one hour video shere i will be giving inutuive life coaching using The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot deck and some astrology updates to give you an in-depth general look into the month of September and the beginning of October 2021. I will be giving intuitive life coaching guidence on: -Love and Romance through out the month. -The challenges and road blocks you might face throughout the month -I will idenifty if there are red flags throughout the month of September and how to over come them. -I will go over career guidence before mercury retrograde has hit so you can cover your bases. -i will go over once mercury starts his shadow phase and what is on the horizen that it brings into your life for the month of September 2021. * I will also look into actions, and communitcations that need to be taken by you or from others around you. * I will lastly look into exterior energies that may affect you and your life for the month of September 2021. *i cannot look into: Medical, stocks and bonds, missing persons, cold cold cases, pregancy, psychologcial readings. All acrions taken by the seeker are of their own free will of choice this general reading is just a presentation of what situations may or may not arise througout the month of September 2021. This is enterainment advice.

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🔮 I have an Art Historical Bachelor's degree and background with the University of Texas at San Antonio, where I studied how art and humanity have influenced each other through the use of symbology from prehistory- to the present-day post-modern era.
15 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

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$285 USD
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$285 USD