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Introduction To Bold & Authentic Living Program


WELCOME To the Introduction of Bold and Authentic(Building the Foundation) Livng 3-Step-Program.

I have been eagerly anticipating you!

This course is designed to be Self-Coaching in nature. The idea is that I present the information to you in four modules over four weeks. You absorb the material and put it into practise through out each week with full honesty and integrity on your part.

This requires that from your part, you are very deliberate in all that you do. In week two you will be presented with tools specifically - your daily routine, to assist you in your deliberateness. They may seem simple and almost annoying ... but use them! They will mould you into the very best version of you. It's not only your ideas that create, but your daily habits. And remember not all Action Is Equal! (Action as opposed to Inspired Action).

This Course Is For You If

  • You are ready for a total transformation of your mindset with regards to your:

Finances - Building a Business or Career.

Relationships - Expanding your Network or Finding Love

Health - Improving or Regaining Your Health

  • If you are ready to adopt the mental attitude that will set you apart from mass consciousness (another words thinking like the 5%)

  • You are ready to meet the very best version of you.

What You Can Expect After Committing Yourself For Four Weeks

  • You will have created a philosophy about how your life works as well as personal definitions which serve you the best.

-You will have pressed your reset button, and be aware of most of your limiting beliefs which manifest as triggers.

-You will understand the value of challenges and you have a strategy of how to face them.

-You will understand what Forgiveness & Unconditionality means – perhaps for the first time.

-You will see fears as opportunities that demonstrate any resistance buried within you, and know how to detune them.

-You will be a meditator and frequently enter altered states of awareness to connect with your internal guidance and the state of Flow.

Provided By

As a Quantum Emotional Mindset Coach, I help people understand how their emotions affect the quality of their daily lives and how to acess the Quantum Field inorder to create sucessful relationships, wealth and health.

I am a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, and hold a B.MSc. in Metaphysical Sciences.

7 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2021


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