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How to navigate the world as an Empath



This video talks about being an empath and how you can navigate the world taking your abilities into account and moving towards your wellbeing

Target audience

all empaths, sensitive people and practitioners


the benefit of this video is that you will get a new perspective and a permission slip to help you find your place in the world and move towards your won wellbeing


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Brașov, Romania

I have been a practitioner for a very very long time. Studied yoga at the beginning of my journey and then moved on to mastering the art of tarot, energy healing and hypnotherapy.

I am a certified hypnotherapist and i have also come out of a Sufi esoteric school of energy healing in Türkiye.

Travelling has been a major part of my journey as i came across many cultures and experiences along the way. The most profound learning comes from experience and practice. Getting to know people and connecting at a deeper level is what makes a therapist valuable.

One of my most loved teacher and facilitator is Pema Salem and all in all i lay down in respect at her Being as the most accomplished teacher i have come across.

I hope to serve in the highest way i can and connect with you at the heart level.

On Core Spirit since April 2021

Past Life Regression
Sosan Kanchi
Past Life Regression


I am a licensed hypnotherapist with expertise in past life regression therapy. Past life regression is one of the many forms of hypnotherapy and it is specifically designed to heal the root cause of the problem at hand. Usually, and in most cases, the blockage or the problem or even sometimes the health issue, originates from a previous lifetime that has loose ends. This goes for any kind of problem, even health issue although, i must say it is not a replacement for medical treatment, just an alternative.

If you find yourself stuck, or in a repeating pattern, if you feel that your life could be better, your relationships could be better or simply want to integrate more of yourself in your moment to moment experience, a past life regression will do wonders for you.

Target audience

For the age or 13 up


Healing, overcoming obstacles, greater connection with Spirit, guidance, forgiveness, gaining a higher perspective on life, greater acceptance and so on. there are many benefits from just one single past life regression.


during the session, you will be guided by my voice in a state of deep relaxation. it is recommended to cover yourself in a blanket and feel super cosy. We will journey into the Subconscious mind and explore a lifetime where the issue you are dealing with was created. After experiencing the events of that lifetime, we will go through an integration and healing process, you will connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides and come back refreshed

Other comments

Give some time for the experience to integrate itself in your life and pay attention to the changes in your perception. you will see h

Spiritual Healing
Sosan Kanchi
Distant Energy Healing Session

Powerful energy healing session, clearing out energetic, emotional and mental blocks, healing, upgrading, activating dormant DNA which will allow you to feel the flow of abundance, joy, harmony and love of the highest frequency and light.

The session takes about 20 minutes to half an hour, during which time you will lay down on your back and relax.

The energy that I work with is called Claros, this is an energy vortex situated in the south part of Turkey, near Izmir. We can say, for the sake of understanding that Claros is similar to Reiki, however, Reiki is a Stream of pure consciousness and healing light while Claros is more like the Ocean. In this regards, it is a much more powerful energy to work with. As i worked with Reiki energy in the past, i can attest to this.

My guru, Mehmet Çayır, has developed this technique for energy healing during his own process and has taught me the principles of how to apply it. I am constantly deepening my practice and since I started working with this energy i saw miracles happening in the lives of people i had energy healing sessions with.

I invite you to offer yourself this experience of healing and self love that will help you improve your life significantly, experience health in your body, mind and soul and a fulfilling life experience

much love to all,

Tarot Reading
Sosan Kanchi
Tarot and Oracle Reading

i invite you to offer yourself the experience of a deep conversation with your Higher Self through a session of tarot and oracle reading

feel free to bring any question or concern to the table and get ready for the answers that you've been seeking for a long time. don't get surprised if the answers differ from your expectations ^.^

much love,

Sosan Kanchi
Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse on 26th of May

lunar eclipses hold the energy of ending of a cycle and this particular total lunar eclipse represents the ending of a major cycle for many of us, in the evolution of our oun human consciousness. what will follow is the solar eclipse on 11th of june which represents a major new beginning

this is a great time to look over the cycle we are ending and get ready for the new phase of our own evolution in consciousness as consciousness

this full moon and total lunar eclipse represents the ending of a major cycle of learning through failures and being stuck in mistrust

moving from an ego based life to a heart centred life

there is a rewiring happening for a lot of us in regards to the inner masculine energy. we are moving from a restrictive and controling masculine to a healthy masculine that honors, holds and bows to the inner feminine. which is the way it was always meant to be

so coming back to our natural way of being

there is still a final stage of healing for many of us waiting to gradually unfold during the next phase, however, for now a big cycle has reached completion and many of us are ready for that quantum leap

major exciting discoveries are on the way as we step into trust and allow the inner feminine to rise and show us what true abundance, passion and joy are all about, as opposed to what we made up in our minds about these things. we can let go of a rigid mental structure

so, our work is clear now: keep opening that heart chakra ^.^ and yes this means learning the art of forgiving over and over and over again

opening the heart also means opening up to receive the love, abundance, prosperity and success that we seek

much love to all

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