Hand Analysis - Startup Session

$10 USD
$10 USD

What does a hand analysis do for me?

  • You will understand yourself and your life purpose.
  • You will understand the roots of your triggers and reactionary behavior, along with the reasons behind it based on your personality.
  • You will perfectly realize where you have been stuck in life, and become amazingly comfortable in your own body, and release belief systems where your performance and confidence are lacking simultaneously.
  • With an up-close understanding of what you are about and your life path, you will move through life consciously and precisely whether it be in your career or relationships.

​Please note that hand analysis is different from palmistry and has nothing to do with future reading.

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Brent Bruning is a Master Hand Analyst who has studied the fingerprint patterns of the world’s most remarkable individuals. One of his biggest passion in life has been unblocking other individuals so that spark can come alive within them as well-hand analysis being one way this takes place with issues such as relationships & finance among others too.

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