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It is time to listen to and follow your intuitive messages. Lets take action to make your true desires your reality.

In this 1 month, one to one coaching container you will recieve support, encouragment and guidance that will help you shift your mindset around how you can achive the goals you have, tap into your nervous system, get mindful and live authentically.


  • 4 60min one to one coaching sessions
  • Voxer support between calls
  • Micro and Macro goal setting to create present and forward motion.
  • Weekly mindfulness recommendations based on goals and blocks
  • Up to 2 personalised mediations audio recordings to keep
  • My signature 'Your Road Block Diversions' for troubleshooting
  • Access to 'The Park' my mindfulness tools library
  • A basic intorduction essential oils pack to use together.

Reach out today to see if this is the right fit for you.

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Nicole H.R is a Mindfulness Master Practitioner, Emotional Well-being coach, and essential oil educator. She blends these to empower busy working women to calm their nervous systems to activate emotional healing through the everyday chaos. Her clients release negative emotional patterns and embody authenticity to create a lifestyle unique to their true desires.

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$485 USD
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