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Energy Medicine Healing Session

healing session
$115 USD

If you've struggled with health symptoms and nothing seems to be working, it's time to find healing.

The body innately knows how to heal. Using medical intuition, I ask this part of you how to remove blocks keeping your health stuck. Stresses of all kinds disrupt our body's ability to heal. As we remove these stresses/blocks, the body can quickly and easily begin to heal and find the way to wellness.

By listening to the body and helping it get unstuck, we treat symptoms at the root cause - when we do this, the body quickly begins to heal. In as little as one to three sessions, major improvements can be seen.

Feel calmer, more peaceful, lighter as blocks are removed. Feel less pain, better digestion, less sickness, more movement.

In this energy healing session, blocks including the following are taken into account:
Karmic: Generational patterns, family patterns, past life/karmic imprints, and more.
Mental: belief systems, destructive thought loops, subconscious programming, trauma.
Emotional: stuck energy, coping mechanisms, inability to allow emotion to process/move, and more.
Physical: organs, glands, hormones, neurotransmitters, cells, epigenetic locks, and more.
Spiritual: cords connecting you to past traumas, difficult relationships, abuse, trauma, environmental triggers, and more.

With precision, I identify blocks and heal them, resulting in focused, effective, powerful, but gentle heart-centered healing.

Reclaim your health. Healing is possible.

30 minute energy medicine session.

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I'm Sarah Lascano, an energy healer, medical intuitive, and best-selling author with training in BodyTalk, Integrated Energy Healing, Reiki, TCM and more. I have 12+ years experience in thousands of sessions helping clients heal from stubborn physical health issues. It is my passion to help you discover the root cause of your health symptoms and find lasting health. Healing is possible.

9 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021


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$115 USD
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