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Do you have some imbalance? Get your reading with personal recommendations

healing session
$45 USD

You can order your 5-6 pages PDF Report on you current life situation when it comes to imbalances of chakras and areas of your life.

Are you on the right path? Are you in tune with your partner? With your work?

What is the thing to consider to get better?

Let's find out and get some harmonization using the radiesthesic and radionic table.

All I need is you full name and date of birth (month/day/year).

P.S: You will receive your file short after the scheduled reading in pdf via chat or e-mail provided.

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I've got training as energetic and spiritual therapy here in Brazil, as well as Reiki I and II, Access Bars and Life and Business Coaching.

I love creating online content and work as well as a freelancer.

I help people build their confidence and make the necessary changes in their lives to expose themselves in the online environment and in life in general, expressing their souls.

3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2022

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$45 USD
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