Chakra Meditation

healing session
$38 USD

Understood to be the pipelines of cosmic energy, there exist 7 chakra points in your body which serve a particular function. Responsible for the core aspects of your life, these chakra points allow the energy of the universe to empower us in our tasks.

You will experience a dynamic meditation, where you will become aware of your energy blocks and the mindset that keeps you stuck

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Michelle Collins
Jun 1, 2021

Hello! This is so exciting. I would like to know exactly how the session goes. Does this practice help to improve mental and physical health?
Thanks in advance!

Sam Jones
May 5, 2021

Hello! I’ve been trying meditation recently, and I really like it. But I also want to try other methods of meditation and wanted to know a bit more about Chakra meditation. What’s the difference between the traditional way of meditating and Chakra meditation. If I want to become more intelligent, what should I try: traditional meditation of Chakra meditation?

$38 USD
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