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Awakening Coaching

coaching session
$75 USD
$75 USD

Seeking embodied awakening? Let me support you as you walk your unique path to awakening. The practice of seeking spiritual guidance is found in all the world’s wisdom traditions. My work as a spiritual coach is informed by my experience as a life-long seeker who has studied and practiced contemplative Christianity, Buddhism, and contemporary forms of spirituality. Individuals who come to me are often living outside the boundaries of a traditional religion – often, blending traditions or identifying as spiritual but not religious. It’s my practice to hold a safe and sacred space during sessions for whatever the seeker would like to share. In this space, seekers can experience spiritual deepening, insight, clarity, and healing. My formal training in spiritual direction was through the Institute for Spiritual Leadership (Chicago, 2005), The Maitreya Buddhist Seminary and Trillium Awakening.

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Chicago, IL, USA

Bill Epperly, PhD, is a research biochemist who left the lab in search of enlightenment. He enjoys supporting others as they walk their unique path to healing and embodied awakening. He has studied contemplative Christian practices such as Centering Prayer as well as Zen and other meditation forms. If it's awakening and healing you seek, let Bill be your guide.

On Core Spirit since May 2021

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Bill Epperly3y ago

Aisha, The mindfulness practices which I teach are excellent for releasing stress. I think they will be very helpful.

Bill Epperly3y ago

Yes. They improve mental health. Would you like to connect to discuss your situation?

Joan Wilson3y ago

Hello! This is very exciting. I want to know more. Do your sessions help to improve mental health? Thx in advance :)

Spiritual Coaching
Bill Epperly
Jun 28, 2024, 16:00
Integral Spiritual Coaching
Bill Epperly
Jun 28, 2024, 16:00
Awakening Coaching
Bill Epperly3y ago

Hello, Elizabeth, Yes, I believe that I can help you with the stress. And assuming it's causing the digestive problems, they should improve. Are you willing to do some meditation at home after your session? - Bill

Aisha Lewis3y ago

Hello! Recently, I have had a lot of stress and digestive problems. Can you help me please?

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