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10min Tune-up (Distance healing)

healing session
$25 USD
$25 USD

In this bite size offering you’ll experience a quick and impactful tune-up and alignment of your occipital bone in your skull and your hips. This powerful adjustment has been shown to help with over 200 different health conditions and here are just a handful of common ones:
- Neck pain
- Back pain
- Headaches
- Sciatic pain
- Hip, knee, and foot pain
- Herniated and bulging discs
- And many more!

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Hi Irene! I’m so sorry about the terribly late response. I hope your discomfort has since subsided, and the healing work I do will always help move in the direction of health and vitality.

For this offering no advice is given. All healing is done via phone or video call if requested.

Alina Lee3y

Do you mostly give advice or you heal via phone?

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Nick Boyle
10min Tune-up (Distance healing)
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Nick Boyle
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Irene Hudson3y

Hello! I have been suffering from back pain for several days after a” successful “ snowboard ride… it hurts me to sit and lie down. will your session help ease my suffering? Pills, ointments, and doctors are powerless… thank you in advance for your answer!