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Self Help
The Significance of Self-Care for Sensitive People
Self-care is essential for all empathic people. When you mindfully and lovingly practice it each day, your sensitivities will flourish.The self-care practice...
Demi Powell
Traditional Chinese Medicine
The story behind the Chinese term for ‘nerve’
I originally wrote this in response to a colleague who suggested that the Chinese term for ‘nerve’, 神經 [shénjīng], implied that the Chine…
Demi Powell
Aromatherapy Massage
Using Correct Topicals for Geriatric Massage Clients
With age come a number of changes.A session with a trained geriatric massage therapist and the right topical can address a senior client’s needs and also enr...
Demi Powell
Urine therapy
Urine Therapy: Benefits, Risks, and More
Overview Taking a golden shower. Drinking from your own spigot. Sipping a warm cup of herbal pee. Whatever you want to call it, the practice of drinking urin...
Demi Powell
Negative Thoughts Are Proven To Speed Up Ageing
Scientists say one's mental habits can be bad for the
Demi Powell
Dru Yoga
Dru Yoga
Dru Yoga is a sort of yoga that began in 1978 at Bangor University by a gathering of yoga aficionados: Mansukh Patel, Chris Barrington, Rita Goswami, Annie J...
Jody Mills
Emotional Stress Release
My Guide ... 2 Thrive..!
My Guide to Thrive:2020 and Covid 19 created mayhem across the planet; What religion and mus…
Kimberley Parker
Natal Astrology
Astrology Wakes You Up!
Astrology can be useful on many levels and at different times of life, but it is a great asset when you are beginning to ‘WAKE UP. By this I mean when you ...
Lucinda Tinsley
Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming: Wide Awake in Your Dreams
“All that we see or seem   Is but a dream within a dream”              &n…
Sheila Balgobin - The Dream Decipherer
Dynamic meditation
40 Days Meditating To Create Self Love
I decided to practice this meditation for 40 days in conjunction with the Kriya To Make You Beautifully Enchanting.During those forty days, I noticed a trans...
Lorena Ulloa Mayorga
Theta Healing
ThetaHealing® what is that?
ThetaHealing®.What is that?It is an important natural and innate healing method.However, while we are all capable of it by nature, it has been defined in a s...
Anna Ramazzotti
Channeled poem from the inner luminary
My love, you seem so distant. It breaks my heart to see you so empty,Does your heart sing as mine does but in silence so no o…
Roman Mythology
The meaning of Abracadabra (+ Interesting Facts)
Today you may hear the word 'Abracadabra' when a magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat, but many years ago it was actually believed that…
Demi Powell
Natal Astrology
The Value Of Astrology And Knowing Your Birth Chart
First, let’s get a good understanding of what the birth chart represents. I see it as the blueprint of your life that shows both your challenges and the seed...
Lucinda Tinsley
Yoga Therapy
Waking up in the middle of the night, trying to fall asleep, seems like an eternity. (Especially when we need to be fresh for that VIProject!) You’re not alo...
Shira Cohen
Inner Child Healing
Inner child healing: 5 exercises to try
The “inner child” is one of those concepts that is used regularly yet is a little confusing to think about.It’s referred to in different ways, ranging from “...
Demi Powell
Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
5 things you have to know before starting to meditate
Prior to starting to meditate I felt that I had two advantages: I arrived from India, and because of my medical background, I had looked into the health adva...
Demi Powell
What are Mantras?
With spiritual practices like yoga and meditation becoming more popular, it seems like everyone is talking about mantras. But what exactly is a mantra and ho...
Demi Powell
Dao Flow Yoga
How Dao Flow Yoga Helps with Women Health and Fertility
Dao Flow Yoga for women’s health and fertility is a practice that I developed to help boost the whole menstrual cycle by doing very specific yoga practices t...
Demi Powell
Yoga Therapy
Pelvic health helps relieve hip and lower back pain, improve bowel and bladder function, and contributes to sexual pleasure. …
Shira Cohen
Use Your Introvert Superpower to Mindfully Connect and Navigate this Crisis
The world has  undoubtedly changed dramatically over the last year. Life as we know it has shifted towards… well, something else. Some people have found it e...
Teodora Iulia Paucean
Dao: History and Meaning
Different forms of contemplative practices have been one of the key elements in Daoist tradition. This essay will appear in four parts dealing with:1. Histor...
Demi Powell
Lomilomi and indigenous Massage of Oceania
An Introduction to Lomi Lomi Massage
Lomilomi, also spelled Lomi Lomi, is an ancient Hawaiian restorative healing technique. It focuses on our connectedness with the land, our spirit guides or a...
Demi Powell
Self Help
How to change your life in 10 steps
A lot of people wish for personal transformation not knowing how to jump-start such a major change in their lives. They generally waste energy on false start...
Demi Powell