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Being still — what if your life depended on it? 5 Reasons to give yourself some breathing space
When was the last time you were alone, still and quiet for longer than 5 minutes? It’s interesting that we humans have lost permission to do nothing. And I ...
Rebecca Neusinger
The Ultimate Addiction
Our basic motivation in life is the drive to obtain the illusion of ontological security. ‘Ontological security’ might be explained by saying that it is when...
Nick Williams
I trade out for acupuncture health care
I write this story as an acupuncture patient. I'm an author and documentary filmmaker. This is an exerpt from my memoir "True Stories of a Mediocre W...
Alan O'Hashi
Attaining Balance- How to love the opposing forces within us.
I love to walk along the ocean shore and listen to the rhapsody of sound. The restless surging of waves; the tireless whisper of the breeze. I feel the gentl...
Cynthia A. Morgan
Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Healing of Addictions and Addictive Behaviors: An Overview of My Experience and My Healing Approach
The purpose of this article is for me to give you a general overview of how I approach addiction healing and also to hopefully give you a few pointers on how...
Olga Gavrilova
Top breathing tips for exercising
I always seemed to struggle with breathing when I would jog or do the elliptical, I would end up with pain/cramping in my side. Most of the time when I wou...
Season Gorny
5 tips to avoid overeating to help you reach your goals.
Whether you are looking to lose weight or just change your eating habits, we all have times of overeating. It can be frustrating and set back our goals. Ov...
Season Gorny
The Benefits of Mindfulness
How do you manage your emotions? What techniques do you use? How effective are these techniques? We can all suffer from problematic emotions. It is a fundam...
Chloe Mepham
Mindfulness meditation
Only The Intangible Is Real
There are only two modes of being that are possible for us — the tangible and the intangible — and of these two only the intangible is real. This is odd of c...
Nick Williams
Forget about Abundance Self-Help— This is The Real Deal
Hocus pocus new age self-help books always boil down to only two words; Affirmations and Conditioning. Coaches and healers and Tony Robbins have made millio...
Lucien Lecarme
Emotional Freedom Technique
The Secrets of Mindfulness while Working From Home (WFH)
> Your state of mind is reflected in the environment and the environment is reflected in > your mind!” This 'Quarantine/Lockdown' time is ...
Charley Linden Thorp
Healing Power of Forgiveness
How Do You Get Through The Feelings When You Emotionally Hurt Another Person You Care For?
We all at some point in our lives have said something to someone we care about that hurts them. How do you deal with the shame and guilt that comes after? I ...
Drew Paige
Spiritual Healing
What Gaia & the Nature Beings Need Right Now
Humans are not the only consciousness on this planet. Apart from the world that we can see with the trees, rocks, animals, etc., there are many unseen worlds...
Anne Lafrance
Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Meditating: the way to unwind!
Do you think it’s important to unwind? So do we! One of the best known and most effective ways is to meditate. We all need calm, peace and love in our l...
Letting Go of Fearful Expectations
Life is whatever we make of it. Sometimes, it feels or seems like there is some right and wrong way to be in the world. There is a path that we should foll...
Nick Shibanov
Spiritual Healing
A Brain Waves During Quantum Healing Session
I don’t have imagination, my imagination is rather poor, that’s one of my favorites approaching before we even start. What if I’m here to guide you, gent...
Alexandra Tabaczynska
October Guideline
The Guidance is most needed now, as we are in the process to integrate higher frequency within our mindspirit wholiness, by saying it, I would like als...
Alexandra Tabaczynska
Spiritual Healing
The Magic of the Unknown
In life, there is so much uncertainty. But we have a choice on how to handle this. Always. It’s often a game of control or else a game of surrender…. and oft...
Sylvie Normandeau
Purpose and Destiny — The Tangled Web they Weave
Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I dreamed of writing. Writing for whoever might hear, whoever might care, or, for myself and the sheer enjoyment, nay...
Cynthia A. Morgan
The good does not exist and the bad is massively flawed
Journey with me on this thought provoking idea. I'll start it with a simple question. What is good? I'll take the most basic example and ask how...
Talal Afzal
Spiritual Healing
What is Lyme Disease?
I wanted to chat a little bit about an experience I had today with a client, and it's a conversation I have pretty regularly, so I though I'd talk a ...
Larrissa Aawar
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)
Roses and our health: Much more than meets the eye
Long associated with love, beauty and the heart, the rose is also a valuable herbal medicine. Over the past year or so, I have found myself thinking that jus...
Emma Hickey
The #1 Mistake I See Men Making on Spiritual and Healing Paths
I see you with your books. Trying to find the perfect juice cleanse, tapping on YouTube, bingeing every podcast you can find. And I get it. But when you’r...
Veronica Puryear
The #1 Mistake I See Men Making on Spiritual and Healing Paths
I see you with your books. Trying to find the perfect juice cleanse, tapping on YouTube, bingeing every podcast you can find. And I get it. But when you’r...
Veronica Puryear