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1 min.
Feb 1 2023
Unleash the Power of Frankincense for Optimal Brain Health

Have you ever heard of frankincense? It’s a resin that’s been used for thousands of years in various cultures for its unique aroma and medicinal properties. But did you know that this powerful natural substance can also boost your brain health in unexpect…

Rosy M.
1 min.
May 13 2018
Give Your Pooch A Boost With Nootropics

Nootrodog is a canine supplement created with organic ingredients like shiitake mushrooms and beets, that is intended to “increase a dog’s memory, promote mental clarity and strengthen overall cognitive health,” according to the company, Birdnip’s, press …

Karl Mcgee
2 min.
May 12 2018
Check Your Genes To Fill Your Nootropics "Stack"

In what might be peak body hacking self-optimization fever, individuals have begun mixing nootropics, or “smart drugs,” with genetic testing.

Nootropics are any range of vitamins, nutrients, and medications which people combine into cocktails known as “s…

Karl Mcgee
4 min.
Mar 29 2018
How To Use 100% Of Your Brain

Recently, I saw the movie Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. If you’re planning on watching it and don’t want me to spoil it for you, then skip the next paragraph. (In my opinion, you can find plenty of better ways to spend 89 minutes.)

Tommy Strickland
11 min.
Sep 16 2019
Nootropics and Smart Drugs: Brain Boosting Substances?

Throughout human history there seems to be a constant search for a silver bullet or pill that will make us faster, stronger and smarter. Sure, there are more difficult ways of accomplishing all of these goals (through various types of training), but human…

Demi Powell
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