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Give Your Pooch A Boost With Nootropics

Nootrodog is a canine supplement created with organic ingredients like shiitake mushrooms and beets, that is intended to “increase a dog’s memory, promote mental clarity and st…

Brain Hacking
Check Your Genes To Fill Your Nootropics "Stack"

In what might be peak body hacking self-optimization fever, individuals have begun mixing nootropics, or "smart drugs," with genetic testing.

Nootropics are any range of vitamins, nutrients, and medications which people combine into cock…

Brain Training – Can We Really Enhance Our Cognitive Skills?

“Under what conditions does brain training work?” was the question posed at one of the sessions of the SharpBrains Virtual Summit, Monitoring and Enhancing Brain Health in the Pervasive Neuroscience Era, an event that brought together over 30 of the wo…

How To Use 100% Of Your Brain

Recently, I saw the movie Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. If you’re planning on watching it and don’t want me to spoil it for you, then skip the next paragraph. (In my opinion, you can find plenty of better ways to spend 89 minutes…

YouTube's Crackdown On Nootropics Channels

YouTube deleted at least three nootropics channels over past days, leaving members of the community confused and worried that a bigger crackdown is forthcoming.

Steve Cronin was a typical nootropics YouTuber. He

Essential Oils
The Herb of Remembrance, Rosemary Scent Boosts Memory, Say Sc...

Tales from England talk about putting rosemary

Nootropics and Smart Drugs: Brain Boosting Substances?

Throughout human history the…

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