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Gluten-free Diet
A balanced look at gluten sensitivity

The Monash paper,1 which was previously discussed on SBM, suggested that it might be the fructans in wheat and not gluten that is responsible for symptoms in I…

Tracy Campbell
Gluten-free Diet
Traveling while gluten free: a survival guide

While eating dessert in Finikas, a tiny town on Syros in Greece, I realized that I might have made a terrible mistake. I didn’t speak Greek but I had presented…

Tracy Campbell
Gluten-free Diet
International study shows the trend of going gluten-free is growing

Australians are eating less grain — and farmers should be concerned about it.

Consumption of grains in Australia dipped after the Atkins Diet became popular i…

Tracy Campbell
Gluten-free Diet
What’s the big deal with gluten? — William D. Chey

If you’ve been to a restaurant in the last few years, you’ve likely seen the words gluten-free written somewhere on the menu.

But what exactly is gluten, and …

Whitney Welch
Gluten-free Diet
Gluten-free Vegan Living — A Complete Guide for Beginners

I was the ‘gluten-free’ girl in the class, the one with the ‘special’ diet. Growing up as a coeliac in the early 90s was certainly a way to build a resistance …

Guy Luna
Gluten-free Diet
A Terrifying Reason Why Everybody Should Avoid Gluten

Here we go again with glyphosate, that ubiquitous toxin used as Round Up’s primary ingredient. It’s infamous for the ability to kill weeds, along with all thos…

Marguerite Little
Gluten-free Diet
Fructan, not Gluten, is What Upsets People's Stomachs, New Study Finds

A team of researchers with several members from the University of Oslo in Norway and one with Monash University in Australia has found that the familiar bloati…

April Hart