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Mindfulness meditation
The Void
Prisoner in the mind, With fears and doubts rampantly raging, Screams echoing in the tumbling darkness As I grope and claw for Light, For breath, For the hop...
Cynthia A. Morgan
Mindfulness meditation
Only The Intangible Is Real
There are only two modes of being that are possible for us — the tangible and the intangible — and of these two only the intangible is real. This is odd of c...
Nick Williams
Mindfulness meditation
Three Faces of Mindfulness
Mindfulness is all the rage these days, but the skill and the practices of mindfulness are anything but new. In fact, the modern mindfulness movement traces ...
Bill Epperly
Mindfulness meditation
Is meditating in nature different?
The spiritual history of the East tells us that most of the meditators attained self-realisation by meditating under trees. These seekers meditated under the...
Demi Powell
Mindfulness meditation
Online Meditation Teacher Training with Master Dev Om
The world needs many meditation masters and there are several dedicated people around the globe who can make into a great meditation master. But not everyone...
Master Dev OM
Mindfulness meditation
Meditate to free your mind
Every ordinary person living in our modern stressful society has problems, worries, doubts. We often seek guidance how to deal with daily problems by talking...
Demi Powell
Mindfulness meditation
Where is Wholeness to be Found?
Wholeness is dissolving the illusionary boundaries in our consciousness that separates us from the Divine. When our ancestors looked up at the night sky...
Tymi Howard