How to Lucid Dream – Learn This Powerful & Exciting Skill

How do you learn to lucid dream?It’s not that difficult – the most important is the desire to acquire the skill. Below you can find exercises that will help you attain lucid dreaming states. How to lucid dreamIf you already know what a lucid dream is, you can start exercises that will teach you control of your dreams. If not, here is an article to give you an idea of the essence and benefits of lucid dreaming.Before you start, you need to know some rules.The most important in learning how to

Lucid Dreaming: Awake in Your Sleep?

What could it mean to be conscious in your dreams? For most of us, dreaming is something quite separate from normal life. When we wake up from being chased by a ferocious tiger, or seduced by a devastatingly good-looking Nobel Prize winner we realize with relief or disappointment that "it was only a dream."Yet there are some dreams that are not like that. Lucid dreams are dreams in which you know at the time that you are dreaming. That they are different from ordinary dreams is obvious as soon
Demi Powell

What Is Lucid Dreaming & Why You Should Do It

What is Lucid DreamingLucid dreams are a unique state when the brain shows unusual characteristics. Today, there is no doubt left: lucid dreaming is not a mere esoteric phenomenon, it is a scientifically proven, documented and incredibly important notion. On average, a person spends around 6 years of their life dreaming, or in the stage, Rapid Eye Movement (REM). This means we spend approximately 2,190 days or 52,560 hours watching or living dreams. Even though we can experience emotions and
Demi Powell