How to Reprogram The Unconscious

Recently my 16-year-old son bought a bunch of new music on i-tunes and because we share the same account, all of his new music ended up automatically downloading onto my phone. Next day when I jumped into the car and hit play, instead of acoustic surf grooves I got heavy UK rap. I quite enjoyed it for the morning, but got to thinking how he would feel if I loaded his phone up with all my music. Imagine if 95% of the songs on your player were actually downloaded from other people’s playlists

Meditation Or Hypnotherapy? Find Out Which One is Better for You

Tried meditation and didn't like it? Just not the type to commit to daily sessions for the rest of your life? You might be able to tap some of the same rewards with hypnosis.Some people just don’t get meditation. The devotion, the time commitment: Meditation asks a fair amount of you—though the payoffs in stress relief and improved health make it worthwhile. But if you’re not the meditating type, don’t lose hope: Hypnosis may offer an alternative. This mental technique focuses on the
Demi Powell

The Mind in Matter

The first volume of Stout’s Gifford Lecture series, Mind and Matter, is a metaphysical treatise intended to clear the way for the second series, entitled God and Nature. In the book one he explores the metaphysical difficulties surrounding two of the most fundamental questions of philosophy: the existence of the mind and existence of the material world. Determining that most metaphysical theories are inadequate for this purpose, Stout ultimately concludes the necessity of enlisting ‘Common
Demi Powell