Essentials of Group Psychology

Essentials of Group PsychologyHow groups form, conform, then warp our decision-making, productivity and creativity.When we’re in a group other people have an incredibly powerful effect on us. Groups can kill our creativity, inspire us to work harder, allow us to slack off, skew our decision-making and make us clam up.The keys to understanding human behaviour—our lives as citizens, as workers, as friends—are in the research on group psychology, which PsyBlog has been exploring over the past few

Transforming the Mind

Transforming the MindChapter One: IntroductionBy Peter Shepherd'Transforming the Mind' is a manual that aims to describe the process of human conditioning and how to achieve an awakening from this imposition. We are born in a body with animal instincts, we carry the baggage of past lives (it seems) and to add to this we develop survival solutions upon the lines of our racial culture, and according to our particular upbringing and experiences.This is a complex and tangled mixture but it is
Demi Powell