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Traditions of Chinese Massage Healing

What is Chinese Massage Therapy?

In terms of massage therapy techniques, the Chinese have historically been ahead of their time by applying age-old methodology to the human body. Massage – known in Chinese as ‘an mo’ or ‘tui na’...

How Solar Eclipse Can Affect Your Mind, Body, and Soul

While wonderful things are happening in space we usually can’t see them. People are often extremely excited about Eclipses like the one coming up on the 21st, and this is because they are extremely rare.

During a total solar ecl...

The Most Famous Solar Eclipses in History

Since ancient times, people have watched the moon completely blacking out the sun for a few minutes — the entire solar eclipse, as the moon's shadow moves across Earth, can take hours — as omens that indicate an impending miracle, the...

Multiverse Astrology: Understanding Zodiac Signs in the Age of Quantum Physics

Multiverse astrology is

Learn About the Benefits of Chinese Massage

Practitioners have developed and refined

Chinese Symbols for a Happy Home

The Eight Auspicious Buddhist Objects:

If you wish to insure complete good fortune to all your household, you may want to display all eight auspicious objects together to seal your intent for good times and good fortune for your...

Daoist Contemplation and Chinese Medicine, Part 1: History and definition of contemplation in Daoist texts

Different forms of contemplative practices have been one of the key elements in Daoist tradition. This essay will appear in four parts dealing with:

1. History and definition of contemplation in Daoist texts

2. Contemplati...

Dao Flow Yoga for Fertility

Dao Flow Yoga for women’s health and fertility is a practice that I developed to help boost the whole menstrual cycle by doing very specific yoga practices that act directly on the Chinese medicine fertility acupuncture meridians. Dao...

Short history of the Chinese term for ‘nerve’

The following is a syndicated post from the blog “Aowen Chinese Medicine 奧文中醫: Chinese medicine in words and pictures,” by Nicolaas Herman Oving (practitioner, translator, and educator in the field of Chinese Medicine). It originally ...

The Legend of Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrologers were not greatly influenced by astrologers outside China, so Chinese astrology developed along vastly different paths from Western astrology. Chinese astrology dates back to around 2800 BCE, considerably later than...

Chinese astrology – all out of love

In Chinese Astrology, the birth chart of a person allows us to determine the quality of spousal relationship through an intricate destiny analysis. One of the branches of Chinese Astrology known as Four Pillars of Destiny or BaZi can ...

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