Benefits of Martial Arts for Women

The Martial arts are frequently thought upon as a very masculine practice. While gender shouldn’t be an issue, we do find that many women either disregard martial arts as a guy’s endeavor or are intimidated by the perception of a boys’ club. That being

Why Our Brains Respond Differently to Classical Music

Chinese researchers report even a few moments of opera produce a thoughtful, empathetic response.“Music,” Ludwig van Beethoven argued,” is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” The assertion seems reasonable enough if you consider his late string quartets, but it’s absurd if your reference point is the collected works of Justin Bieber. So — at risk of sounding elitist — are artistic and popular music fundamentally different? New research from China suggests they are, at least in
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Complementary and Alternative Holistic Health - 8 Remedies to Try in 2019

Summer is already here with the days becoming warmer and warmer and people spending more and more time outside. On a beautiful summer day, we all want to be healthy and glowing. For most, the main focus of leading a healthy lifestyle is exercising and keeping to a diet. While those can bring substantial benefits without a doubt, there are other great ways to enhancing your life, health and mood. Test one of the alternative medicine treatments described below and let me know what you
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101 Self-Help Tips for When It All Feels Like Too Much

Perhaps you’ve had this feeling when everything seems like it’s too much. Sometimes there are days, weeks, months and even years when getting through the day, doing your job or getting out of bed feels unbearable for no particular reason. It might be due to anxiety, depression or another mental illness. It might be due to a physical or mental distress. It might be because you broke up with the love of your life. It might be because you are in grief. It might be for no vivid reason as well – you
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Want to Raise Your IQ? Neuroscience Says to Take Up This Easy Habit

Most of us think of IQ as a fixed thing, like a SAT score. You take a test, they tell you how smart you are, and that's that.Turns out that's wrong. Neuroscience is demonstrating that brain functioning is actually far more fluid than previously believed. For example, research out of the University of Zurich shows that doing one simple thing can actually raise a person's IQ. And we're not just talking about children, whose brains are usually considered more pliable than those of adults
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Fighting Childhood Obesity with Martial Arts

Childhood obesity has become a rapidly growing issue. With obesity being linked to numerous health issues, it’s apparent that obesity at such a young age can be very problematic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity rates have more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents, over the past 30 years. Physical activity is one of the best ways to help weight loss and what better way than to participate in martial arts?Here we break down the many
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