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Jun 8 2023
Embracing Gratitude: Nurturing a Positive Mindset for the Journey of Parenting

In a world filled with uncertainties, it’s easy to imagine losing everything in the blink of an eye. Many people adopt a gratitude practice as protection from loss. This can cause people to become fearful about change, but in reality a true gratitude prac…

Stephanie Byrne
Positive Psychology
May 10 2023
The Power of optimism

Life is a magnificent gift bestowed upon us by a divine force, whether we refer to it as Allah, God, or any other higher power. It grants us the extraordinary opportunity to experience the marvels of existence. Yet, the true essence of life surpasses mere…

Shams Ul Qammar
Positive Psychology
Mar 28 2023
The Benefits of Kindness and Gratitude: The Secret to a Happy Life

We live in a world where many people believe that being kind and grateful is a sign of weakness.
They may criticize Millennials, who are often seen as being too sensitive.
While I agree that there is a limit to how sensitive we should be, and that we shou…

Iose Cocuzza, NC, CGP, BFRP
Positive Psychology
Mar 14 2023
Harness the Power of Positive Thinking for a Happier, Healthier Life

Are you feeling stuck in a rut, overwhelmed by stress, or struggling to achieve your goals? The answer may lie in the power of positive thinking. By cultivating a positive mindset, you can improve your mental and physical well-being, increase your resilie…

arexx colauto
Positive Psychology
Mar 14 2023
The Power of Positive Thinking: Lessons from "The Little Engine That Could"

When I was a child, my father would read me the story of “The Little Engine That Could” almost every night.

The story follows a toy-filled train pulled by a small red engine on its way to a town on the other side of a mountain.

However, the engine break…

Lonnie McFadden
Positive Psychology
Mar 9 2023
The Beauty of Solitude: How Loneliness Can Lead to Creative Breakthroughs

Have you ever felt lonely and thought that it was a negative emotion that you should avoid at all costs? What if we told you that loneliness can be a powerful tool for creativity and innovation? That’s right, being alone can lead to creative breakthroughs…

Ike Thibault
Positive Psychology
Feb 1 2023
Take the Lead and Succeed: Simple Solutions to Combat Loneliness

As the globe advances swiftly, a growing number of people feel increasingly isolated, unconnected, and lonely. Sadly, this growing loneliness epidemic has far-reaching effects on the physical and emotional health of individuals.

In fact, specialists, ps…

Raghavendra Shekaraiah
Positive Psychology
Jan 19 2023

The human mind is new when you first make an appearance into the world and your first teachers are your carers.

‘I had an extremely strict upbringing where punishment was given for anything that was disapproved of. This could be as simple as turning arou…

Natalie Mandy Bleau
Positive Psychology
Nov 15 2021
3 Stages in the Process of Transformation - 1. Loss, Death, Separation

3 stages in the Process of Transformation

The following three articles make up the brief series: a Process of Transformation. Each article will elaborate on one of the three main stages than can be identified in a process of transformation of any kind:

Arjan Bogaers
Positive Psychology
Nov 13 2021
Why We Need Life Strategy?

Strategy is a pivotal representative for proper function.

To alter and achieve anything, the presence of strategy is mandatory.

The vast implication of different strategies is noticeable in every business. But the involvement of strategy isn’t only boun…

Mohammad Hashibul Hassan
Positive Psychology
Sep 17 2021
10 Common Negative Thought Patterns With Journal Exercises

Negative thought patterns are incredibly common. Most people experience negative thoughts at intervals in their lifetime in response to certain situations. This can be helpful or unhelpful, depending on the situation. For example, worrying has been linked…

Rebecca Neusinger
Positive Psychology
Jul 9 2021
The Pursuit Of Happiness & The Tangled Web we weave!

The pursuit of Happiness & the Tangled web we trap ourselves in ..

Secrets of the Universe it has taken me several trips around the sun to figure :

Truth is… the only thing we have a modicum of control over is our own energy.

So no amount of chasi…

Kimberley Parker
Positive Psychology
Sep 8 2021
Personal Development Power - Never Give Up Your Dream
  • Never Give Up Your Dream -

In this article, you will be practiced to think about your dream. I want to push you to think about your dream. This is a powerful personal development method. Turn your mind to thinks about your dream always. Think about you…

Davidv Jonsone
Positive Psychology
Sep 15 2021
Do you have respect for yourself? Here are some tried and tested methods to make sure you do.

Building self-compassion and respect for yourself is the most rewarding journey of your life, but it also takes work - which makes it so rewarding! When you know you have shown up for your growth and healing, you can’t help but feel empowered. You are ta…

Rebecca Neusinger
Positive Psychology
Sep 17 2021
Why do I have negative thoughts? 5 ways to, compassionately, show them the back door

Negative thinking is very common and can greatly limit your potential.

Negative thoughts can become habitual, and over time can alter the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. They can develop into negative self-beliefs.

They are often the …

Rebecca Neusinger
Positive Psychology
Jun 2 2021
TOP-5 CORE SPIRIT BEST practitioners, May 2021

We score our practitioners according to their activity: including published articles, added services and events for Core Spirit. The best (most active) practitioners of this month are:

Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Body Confidence Coach Stephenie Farr…

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