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Your Attitude Makes All The Difference
Jan 14, 2022

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Don't overthink. Don't compare yourself to others. We are all on this journey, you and I. Just as we had to grow to get here, we will grow into where we are headed too. This is a part of your evolutionary process and you are perfectly in sync with all of your life leasons, meaning, this pain just highlighted a part of you that was missing.

If you take it, and give it just enough love to water it, you will see a new part of you grow. Like a bud. Growth can sometimes be painful and there is nothing compassionate about watching yourself fall to a million pieces. However, there is something inside us, like a glimmer of light, that sometimes flashes, even, just for a second.

Cultivate it, nourish it and watch it grow. Because it is you.

Practice grounding in the present moment. There is a reason going for a walk clears your head.

You will have a better idea of what is compatible in your world so that the next time you rebuild it, the foundations will be sturdier than ever.

The opinions of others don't shape your reality. Your reality is shaped purely by your thoughts, intentions and how you feel about yourself. You are the master builder and your inner archictecture rests solely on what you want to give importance to.

So see yourself in the best possible light. You are a child of the universe. And you will never give your power away.

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