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You Will Solve More Problems With High Self-Confidence

Jan 13, 2023
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A lot of people are under the impression that self-confidence is nestled inside their favorite jacket, that they can put on whenever they need to speak in front of a group of people or when they are going to a special event.

There is a special event, it is called life and self-confidence is the jacket that must be worn - at all times.

A life will not be lived to the fullest without respect, admiration, competence and self-confidence at the forefront. These very important character traits that, unfortunately cannot be awarded to people as door prizes or purchased from a store.

Your self-confidence has to be built up and maintained, every day.
The reality is life is unfair because if a person is not able to stand up for themself or comfortably promote themself, that person is more likely to live a ho-hum life. That may not be fair, but that's the way it is.
We can cry about this, we can scream to the heavens that all of this is unfair, and it is uncalled for, but if you cry and complain nonstop for five long years, nothing will change. Well, you and everyone else will be five years older.

Life does not love you. You have to love life.

This is where we all have the same life-altering choice to make. Am I going to respect my precious life and live it based on its unchanging Law or am I going to crawl into a debilitating shell and hope that somehow, any day now, the world is going to see thing my way and conform to how I think it should be.

Life will NEVER change for you!!

Let me tell you, if you want to live in this world and actually produce some positive results during your stay, then you have to deal with the world as it is.

One key aspect of this is to deal with your problems. Do not ignore them or push them under the rug. They will not go away on their own - unless your problem is acne, it will go away on its own.

A lot of people get so freaked out about the smallest problems and challenges that turn out to be easy, once an attempt is made to get something done. Some people think it's the end of the world if they confront a challenge, problem goal in their life.

Don't be like some people who have developed their very own romantic notions of how life should be fair to them and when something does happen, they are completely blind-sided. They cannot deal with the fact that some people can be mean, some people can sniff out a life rookie, a person with low to no experiences of the situations that build self-confidence.

They cannot handle the fact that there are many unjust things happening in the world, that there are people in the world whole sole purpose is to defraud everyone they meet. One challenge after another will completely crush them, some people actually lose their grop on reality because of their interaction with the cruel, cruel world.

This really is too bad.

Real self-confidence - I'm talking about your perception of your ability to get things done - is paid for in terms of the problems you are able to solve. That's it.
In other words, it is based on your competence. If you realize you are not competent in the basic things in the life, that is a crushing, confidence killing, feeling

Confidence is based on what you know how to do. It's based on actions you take, in any situation.That's what the world pays attention to. Your expertise. If there is no expertise, there is no confidence.

Do yourself a life-changing favor. Redefine your self-confidence based on the correct terms and based on a process that will leave you in a better position.

Real self-confidence is something that nobody can take away from you because it's not a product of your circumstances. You built it, from your life experiences.

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