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You Are The Creator

Nov 29, 2023
Reading time 2 min.

I just had the most inspirational talk with myself in the mirror. I knew I wasn’t feeling something completely but I didn’t know what.
I went into the bathroom mirror and asked what’s wrong. I started talking and then sobbing. And whole time I was present in what I was saying. I didn’t know I was having such a hard time with this transition happening in my life. After I got all that I needed to say out. I spoke life back into myself effortlessly… it felt like someone was speaking through me honestly.
I talked and talked and talked saying things I definitely needed to hear. I have an “I am God” tattoo in the middle of my chest. I pointed to it and said, “Never forget it.” I looked myself dead in my eyes in disbelief like something clicked. I am the creator. I am the God of my reality.
I don’t have to do or be anything that I don’t want to be. I don’t have to stay in any vibration I don’t want to stay in. And if I do it is okay because I can have compassion for myself. I am learning to manipulate energy.
This is how life is. An opportunity to:
1 -Forget everything.
2 -Remember the truth of who the f$$$ you are.
3 -And keep persisting in what you know to be true until it is your new main belief.
It isn’t about becoming some holy no mistake making person. It is about having the strength to face any loose ends within our reality. Figuring out how to evolve from it and consciously choose something that feels better to us. Facing any low vibrations that come up and automatically using discernment. Seeing clearly that we ain’t no victim it ain’t our truth. So, we certainly do have the power to change it. Even when it is a heavy energy, having the ability to be still in it maintains the power we possess. We give our power away when we run, hide, and try to distract ourselves from the big a$$ elephant butt in our faces. And I am saying this from experience LOL! It is what I am working on right now. While I am typing at this moment this is giving me the motivation to do just that, maintain my power. I hope this helped someone. Thanks for reading! I Love You!

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