Worrying About Problems We Could Not Do Anything About Is Stupidity
Nov 9, 2023

This is the problem I have seen and discussed here or in other places where I post my work. Not a new problem per se but an old one that has refused to go away.
While doing my time in prison, I have seen many who came in healthy and left wasted and it has nothing to do with food, work, lack of exercise, or something of that nature. Just a personal problem i am beginning to worry if it has anything to do with hereditary genes or similar things of such nature but nay, it's just behavior, that I strongly believe has something things with societal pressure or self-expectations some of us picked up with friends or in some archaic books some reads.

We go into the world worrying, fighting with ourselves, and unseen forces that keep singing into our heads that our mates or neighbors are already at the finishing line of the earthly race while we are still putting on our shoes. And we dash out like mental drain people( assuming we are not) and rush into one stupid act and get caught and sent to prison where we have all the time to compete with ourselves and our demons.
There's no way they would leave you alone or let you be once they were able to push you from safety, from freedom into captivity. Why even expect them to fad from your life when you are now a pal? A disciple that needs educating to join the rank or object to waste if you fail to be useful for their course.

    Why would a man or woman engage in what he or she would start regretting openly half into the adventure they created for themselves?

The only viable answer would be that they weren't the ones who got involved in the adventure in the first place. They were surprised to see themselves in bed with the wrong group and were wondering when they had degenerated to the level they were in.
The funny thing is that since people like that are good people or were seen as one by those who know them and suddenly, they found themselves in appalling situations and funny dark things attached to their names, they panicked and in an attempt to salvage themselves mostly secretly, they dig themselves deeper into the atrocities and their worries increases.
Some people, due to where they came from and the stigma attached to certain places like prison or certain crimes, believed that there was no remedy anymore and they threw themselves deeper into the pit and turned into creatures no one including themselves don't even recognize anymore.
How would you explain the reality of someone who was too soft to the extent of crying before their visiting embassy officials or visiting prayer groups to a monster that is disrupting the peace of others and smashing and disrupting the smooth running of the prison, to the extent of risking his sentence being increased?

We are told by someone intelligent that the extent which our problems can affect us is in our hands. Give some problems unnecessary attention, they become unnecessary headaches to you.
We worry about nuclear family members, worry about extended ones as if we are alpha and omega that solve world problems. That's not the way to go. If you are religious type even if you are not, you still have to learn from it. Give to Caesar what is his and God what belongs to him. Why pack it all into your life?

If you are not financially meeting your objectives, reduce that objective by taking stock of what those objectives were in the first place and delegate and let go of things that belong to Caesar's camp to them and those that belong to God's camp and retain what is yours.

Never for once think that your family would cease to exist if you die at this moment because you are attached to one nonsense label the attached to us to make us feel good or smooth running of the family. That boy, that girl you regard as weak is probably due to the fact you are going about as the Breadwinner of the family. Once you cease to exist, that weak boy, or girl would continue to feed and at times better than when you were feeding them.

Stop worrying about situations you can't do anything about. If you believe you can do something to change anything, why spent time worrying about it, go change it.

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