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Winter Solstice – Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn 2020

Dec 21, 2020
Core Spirit member since Dec 20, 2020
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The Cosmic wheel is turning. As 2020, the year of ‘double judgment’ draws to a close we find ourselves poised on the Wheel of Fortune. Which way will the wheel spin? Where shall we place our bets? Right now, we simply don’t know. Global changes are symbolised by the non–personal outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The Jupiter Saturn Grand Conjunction happens every 20 years. The last in 2000, ushered in a whole new century. This one heralds an entirely new paradigm shift.

Just one degree of separation makes today’s solstice conjunction a visually spectacular event –just after sunset, Jupiter and Saturn will appear as an elongated star in the early evening sky. Many believe the same conjunction gave rise to The Star of Bethlehem that signified the birth of Christ. The current resurrection invites us to reclaim our own power, as all the prophecies predict. This time, there is no external saviour. Aquarius is all about power of the people. If we value our democracies, our health, our liberties and right to evolve we can no longer hand responsibility to others to look after us. The time of being rescued by governments; family; partners etc is done. In the new paradigm ‘we are the ones we have been waiting for’.

For the first time in 200 years the conjunction takes place in the element of Air rather than Earth. The summer solstice (northern hemisphere) at 0 degrees cancer was the great reset, the pause button asking us to reflect deeply on what ‘home’ means to us. Now the winter Solstice (northern hemisphere) in the first degree of Capricorn meeting the Grand Conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius brings us to the ouroboros of simultaneous death and rebirth. Death to the old, staid, stuck, resource extraction, power and control, military industrial complex of the hierarchical patriarchy and birth of the futuristic, technologically innovative, humanitarian, community spirited, libertarian spirit of the water bearer. The Capricorn goat has reached its mountain peak of ‘power over’ and finally the icy caps of control start to melt as it realises it’s lonely at the top. These trickles of fresh water will eventually fill the urn of Aquarius and lead to the inspirational innovation humanity so desperately needs. The female water bearer is here to pour new life on the parched earth, nourish our dreams, and enable us to see beyond the limitations of the rational, logical mind. As Einstein said we cannot solve our problems with the thinking we used to create them. We need the winds of change that this conjunction is bringing to generate new thinking, new ideas, new ways of communicating.

But remember a conjunction brings both the end and a new beginning. This is an initiation, the birth, the spark – NOT the endgame. A big unknown is upon us that will not stabilise into the new for several years. We are crossing a threshold, a liminal space between one state and another. A powerful portal, a chasm that asks us to be clear and centred in our intentions – what are we going to allow to die and what do we intend to breathe into life? We need to remember that the planets don’t do anything they are simply signifiers, signposts pointing the way. We have to choose to walk the untrodden path.

We’re re-modelling our planetary home and with the shift into the air element it will be a wild ride ahead. Air is the only invisible element. We know of its existence by its results. We feel the breeze on our cheek, we see the trees sway and the leaves blow. Aquarius is also ruled by the futuristic and visionary Uranus, the planet of surprise, the unexpected. We won’t see what’s coming - neither the storms nor the becalmed seas, but we will live the effects. Air can blow up, blow out, whisper and inspire. We can live for days without food and even water but without air we last minutes. We are birthed on the inhalation; we die on the exhalation. This new paradigm is riding in on the global tsunami of enforced restrictions on our breath through mask wearing and the virus itself which is air borne and affects our ability to breathe.

What lies ahead as we ride the waves of chaos? What will help us breathe and expand into the strong contractions of birthing the new earth? Aquarius is progressive, original, independent and humanitarian. It balks at limitations and broken promises and can be temperamental and distant. It can forsake the individual for the greater good of the group (expect some powerful and swift changes of global leadership in the coming months and years). Yet this sign’s dispassionate intellect allows both sides of the argument to be seen. We will move out of the divide and conquer energy of the death throes of 2020 into a collective listening that allows solutions to emerge. Air is the inspirational element of new possibilities. It rustles the leaves of the collective community, enjoying the intellectual stimulation of ‘group think’.

Ultimately this paradigm shift contains the seed of freedom and equality for all. The shift from ‘power over’ (dominion) to the true ‘power of relationship with’ - the acceptance of each sentient beings’ sovereign divinity.

Ride the stormy seas by staying present, awake, conscious. Use the breath, consciously to pause before acting, to drop into the heart centre to speak from our core. It is time to connect to your inner power, inner wisdom, to recognise we are all one. Celebrating our common unity in diversity. It is the age of moving from Me to We as we embrace the paradoxes of this AND that, away from this OR that.

When these energies combine, between powerhouse Jupiter, expansion and Saturn, contraction we experience a major ideological reset. This conjunction ushers in an era of lighter, faster, globalisation, technology and innovation. Aquarius is a symbol of globalisation – the power to lead the community to ensure survival of the species. The power of the group is KEY.

This is a transpersonal conjunction. We cannot control it, like we cannot control the weather. We have to trust the Divine unfolding and stay in the centre – myself, my family, my circle, my network. By standing strong in our sovereign self the ripples in our personal pond will eventually influence the outer shores.

Right now, we are still in the process of tearing apart, tearing down. Governments, institutions and law enforcement are the domains of Capricorn. Corporations, social movements, human rights courts and uprisings are the domain of Aquarius. In our current paradigm the false prophet of money still holds the power. 2020 has shown us clearly that the power axis has shifted, from governments to corporations’ lobbyists; big pharma etc and governments are having to capitulate.

We’re at the starting gates – the race is on; it’s likely to be explosive. Suppressed air blows up. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius is forcing the emergence of our collective shadow. The id(entity) has opened Pandora’s box and there is still much collective purging to be done. But inspiration, ideas and wisdom are also carried on the wings of Spirit. The more we can keep our frequency high, the more we will be able to utilise this conjunction to empower us to bring our dreams of a better world into reality.

What we begin now has incredible staying power. This is the resurrection into self-governance and building the dream. It is time to reclaim our Planetary home in our own name. Aquarius tells us this planet belongs to ALL of us. Are you going to stand up and stake your claim or fall prey to the dementors currently trying to suck the soul out of humanity? A Great Conjunction represents a time for you to release old habits in order to make way for the new. If you are resistant to change, it can feel uncomfortable. But if you breathe into the closed places, you can make incredible progress toward dreams you’ve held onto for a long time. The expansive nature of Jupiter and the structure of Saturn are conjoining to help us accomplish something that may have felt like a fantasy before but is now totally within our grasp.

We are high vibrational beings of light and immense, limitless power. Breath it in, claim it, own it, be it, before someone else does. Use the power of Air, our breath, to take deep conscious, connected belly breaths regularly throughout the day. Inhaling the new, the positive the inspired, exhaling, the old, the stuck, the heavy. What you call in now will have far reaching effects so set some big juicy intentions for 2021 and beyond. Let’s ride this cosmic wave together, one breath, one family, one planet. With so much love and solstice blessings to you all and in the somewhat modified words of my dear friend Swamiji “take a breath, breathe in, open your heart, SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT”.

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