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Why some regard failures as success

Jul 3, 2023
Reading time 2 min.

Failure is frustrating.

It is especially frustrating when you feel lost and cannot figure out how to recover. You sometimes feel lonely and powerless during those moments. You cannot figure out how to escape from that situation. You've given your 100% but feel down.

I have been in those situations when I just felt frustrated with failure. I am kind of in this situation right now.

I took deep breaths and started writing this to get my mind off and tell myself failure is not the end. It is only a phase and I need to grow. It is only a hurdle that I need to cross. I will do amazing things but I have to go through difficult moments.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said when you set up a goal which is out of the blue, an untrodden path like being the best cricketer, running for political office, starting your own business, you will face difficult times. Setbacks will come but so will success.

A Pakistani YouTuber says he welcomes failure. It is necessary in order to grow and trying something different. Without failure, a person will become comfortable. Comfort sounds pleasing in the short run but hard on the long run. Comfort restricts you to try new things, to get more creative, to make you feel greedy, to make you not innovate in your work. You need to hustle!

It is understandable to feel let down by failure. However, you need to take it as a learning curve, a small bump in the way, a chance to grow. Failure can be the best teacher provided you are willing to learn.

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Philip Ebuluofor10mo agoreply toWhat a great re…

Right words in right places. Fine work.

Afsheen Shah11mo ago

What a great reminder that failure isn't the end it is only a phase. This too shall pass.