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Losing Weight Won't Magically Make You Happy
May 31, 2018

Guy Luna
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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Weight-loss influencer Jacqueline Adan is speaking out about the way happiness doesn’t come from a number on the scale or the dimensions of your clothes.

Jacqueline Adan has been inspiring thousands of people through her exceptionally remarkable 350-pound weight-loss travel throughout the past several years. Along the way, the 30-year old has opened up about the way every individual’s road back to health differs. She has clapped back at body-shamers who gave her flack about wearing a swimsuit.

Now, she is shedding light on another important facet of intense weight reduction. In a current article on Instagram, Jacqueline weighed on the truth that losing weight is not the reply to all your problems.

“Happiness comes from within and does not come from a number on the scale or the size of your clothes,” she wrote along with a before-and-after image of herself. “It comes from living a life you are proud of and knowing that you are capable of anything! It comes from loving yourself and making the best decisions for yourself and doing what’s right for you.”

She continued by recognizing that she, also, thought that losing weight could make her happier and also provide her more satisfaction in life. “I thought that losing weight would make me happy. What I didn’t realize is that I had to deal with all of the issues I was going through with myself in order to become happy. I had to fall down in order to really see how strong I really was. I had to be broken in order to come back together and become the best me possible!”

These feelings ring true for a lot of individuals attempting to lose weight. And, as studies have shown, the effort necessary to change the way you live so radically can be harmful to your emotional well-being.

“Although dieters may feel a sense of satisfaction in seeing the numbers of the scale go down, each pound lost requires considerable willpower and sacrifice to achieve,” Sarah Jackson, Ph.

Jacqueline stated it best herself: “Weight loss will not solve all of your problems.”

The moral of the specific story is to keep in mind that true joy can not be attained from something as quantifiable as weight reduction. It’s a lifelong journey which entails a great deal of self-love, reflection, and patience.

“For me, I now know that losing weight did not make me happy,” writes Jacqueline.

“Finding out who I really was and who I really wanted to be and making the decisions that are best for me…that’s where I found my true happiness!”

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