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Why are we so Divisive?

May 18, 2023
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From Separation to Connection … with the power of LOVE.

As my adult son and I discussed what is wrong with the World today, he made the following observations which I now address through the lens of Love, my guiding force.

“We are an individualistic culture.” Yes, we have evolved into recognizing and appreciating our own unique and special gifts and talents. Every human being is a unique expression of LOVE, meant to take place within the magnificent tapestry of Life. Individualism expressed allows best contribution to the bigger picture, much of which may be unseen except by Love, weaving it all together.

*An inner light draws us to thrive, not just survive, which adds to the Greater Good of all.*

“People can’t think about the greater good when their needs are not being met.” Those who are striving because their own needs are not being met also are living their purpose. Wherever anyone is on their own journey is where we are to meet them. We can Love and support one another along everyone’s way, again offering Who we are, through Love, as best we can.

******“It’s our nature to be xenophobic.**” ****Old programming, a built-in protection to keep us safe. It’s not that we don’t like people who are different, it’s that we’re afraid of them. We can acknowledge and validate our fears and concerns, opening space to see that all human beings are Divine creations. trusting that Love offers a way to approach one another in safety, kindness and compassion.

*  Love always has the better answer, no matter the question.

**“There are no leaders.” **We are each called to be leaders, to recognize the power we have to add to the Good simply through loving action. We bring our own version of LOVE into Life from where we sit — beginning within ourselves then radiating outward through our close relationships, families, work groups, communities and beyond — allowing Love energy to flow through greater spheres of influence.

Love is an energy that emanates from within us and radiates outward beyond what we tend to think about or appreciate.
What can one person do? Love is so much bigger than most of us realize! We need only make room for its magic to unfold. We allow Love to infuse our lives by engaging with it, leading through Love, discerning what is Love and what is not, an ongoing practice for every interaction and situation.

Love provides alchemy with its inexhaustible, limitless power to inform and instruct, relieve and release, help and heal, transmute and transform energies. It’s not something we have to do so much as allow to expand. As we shift toward love ourselves, we ultimately move the overall paradigm away from separation toward Connection.

The more we lean into Love, the closer we come to a tipping point allowing Love to break through.

One person at a time, we can change the World by bringing Love where it has never been before.

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Philip Ebuluofor12mo ago

Betsy, i tell you, it's easy said than done. It's not eady to love animals parading in human body. They are mortal dangerous. Even love means weakness to them. But we must continue trying.