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What We Appreciate, Appreciates
Jun 13, 2021

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What We Appreciate, Appreciates

Have you ever thought about the people in your life who are always that Debbie Downer on you? You cant do anything right as all they do is think negatively about you or a certain situation? Well they are the people who do not appreciate anything in their lives what so ever. They will always find things to put down or talk down to and will always be that unhappy person.

Well if you are in the mindset of trying to appreciate all the little things in life, then that's when your life starts to get better. What you choose to focus on and that's you focusing on anything, not what someone else has told you to do as this wont work but when you start to appreciate what's around you and taking in all the sights, sounds and how it makes you feel, that's when your whole life can shift and you start to appreciate even more in your life. This then just flows out into the world, out into abundance and you will then appreciate even more. Its like a huge snowball effect which will increase the more you do it.

So maybe on your walk today out in nature, or by the sea or anywhere where where you are exercising, start to take notice of all the colours around you. Start to appreciate everything more. This feeling will then grow even more tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that etc. You get my drift.

Start to really appreciate the friendships that you have and who means what to you. The more you start to appreciate what that other person does for you, the more connected you will feel to them and visa versa. Start to notice the bird sounds first thing in the morning and how it makes you feel. Tomorrow you will hear them but be so much more appreciative and will really hear them. Notice how you feel.

Focus on what makes you feel good and happy. This will make you feel so abundant and everything will start coming to you easier. Trust in the process of what you really want to focus on and it will come.

What We Appreciate, Appreciates#

Let me know in the comments below, what you are going to work on more or appreciate more. I am going to appreciate more the friendshsips I have with my closest friends.

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