What Type of Communicator are you are you? by Sister Earth Creations
Oct 29, 2020

by Dianne Keast, Sister Earth Creations

Did you know your communication style is directly linked to how you learn & it may influence what type of meditation is easiest for you?

You may enjoy meditations even more if you fit them to your personal style.

We are all sensory centered processors. If you think about yourself, your friends, family, and your favorite teachers, you may notice the way people prefer to learn and communicate is different from person to person.

A person’s learning & communication style is a combination of how they receive, prioritize, process, store & relate sensory data from their environment.

Everyone has an optimum way of communicating & integrating new information, usually, one sense will dominate this process.

We all have preferences of how we like information to be presented to us & we gravitate to those when we learn:

Some like to see what you mean …..

Some like to hear your idea …..

Some like to experience or feel what you are talking about ….

Similarly, we also have preferences for the way we evaluate and analyze new information & make decisions:

Some decide by how things look to them ……

Some decide by how things sound to them ……

Some decide by how things feel to them ……

Your personal communication & learning style is an important tool for improved performance on the job, in education, in personal relationships & in practices like meditation or self-awareness.

When you’re aware of how you and those around you receive and process information, you can make learning and communication easier for everyone.

For yourself; working with your primary style will help you learn faster.

When dealing with others; adjusting your style can make it easier for them to understand you.

Some students need to be taught in ways that are seldom included in standard teaching methods, this does not mean that they are unintelligent or uncooperative, it just means they learn differently.

When choosing a meditation method:

People who function according to how things look to them ……

Will likely enjoy visualization meditations the most.

People who function according to how things sound to them ……

Will likely enjoy sound & music meditations the most.

People who function according to how things feel to them ……

Will likely enjoy moving meditation that engages the body & emotions the most.

When you’re familiar with your communication & learning style, you can take steps to help yourself learn faster and more easily. Your awareness of this can also help you understand why some types of meditation are more difficult for you than others.

If you find meditation to be difficult it might be that the type of meditation you are using does not fit your communication & learning style.

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