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September 26

What is a Dream? Answers to Dream Meaning on Whats-Your-Sign.com

Of course, our search for clarity and meaning of dreams is made more profound if we consider the magical potential of dreams. Looking at dreams as a source of inspiration and sacred wisdom can open up a broad variety of learning. Too, this type of learning is unconventional and as such, it can offer unique solutions.

At their simplest, the meaning of dreams can serve as a recording of what we are experiencing in our daily life. This recording can be played back (in the form of recalling dreams or a dream journal) for another perspective of the action in our lives.

At their most radical, meaning of dreams can afford us a level of depth that can completely rock our world. Dreams can open up a view that will revolutionize our understanding of ourselves and the worlds we live in (yes, “worlds” because in dreams there are many, many worlds within which to tap for specialized knowledge).

Whether you prescribe to one of these polar views about dreams, or choose to stand somewhere in the middle of these two views – to be sure, dreams do happen, and there is a lot of potential wisdom to be gleaned from them.

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