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What happens to you after death?

Aug 5, 2023
Hemant Gupta
Core Spirit member since Feb 7, 2023
Reading time 2 min.

Our existence, manifested as bodies, is confined to this time and space. We resemble meteors or asteroids, briefly passing through this realm, visible for a short span.

Consider this: Do you know where were you before you were born and where will you go after you die? People will either burn or bury your body, but where will you go?

We all come into existence in different forms, shapes and sizes for a limited period of time and then vanish, and then come back again in a different form.

Our soul continues to exist beyond our bodies. It’s the same you who was in the body of a newborn, it’s the same you in a old body reading this, and it will be the same you in a few years in future in an old body. Your body will get withered with time, not your soul.

Just like how we throw away our old clothes when they are torn and battered and wear new. Our soul also leaves the old and battered body and looks for a new body. Our soul uses bodies to travel through time and space.

Imagine you are in India and planning a holiday in Hawaii. To reach Hawaii, you will grab a taxi, reach the airport, board the flight, get down, and board another taxi to reach your destination.

You changed vehicles and travelled through time and space to reach where you wanted. It’s you who travelled; the vehicles stopped at their limits.

Our soul is also travelling; our bodies are vehicles. The soul drops the body when it reaches its limits and grabs a new one.

Our soul is travelling, and our body is a vehicle. Don’t get too attached to your body. What is born will die.

Where is the soul travelling to? … Stay tuned… the journey is still on

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