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What do we get from meditation?
Aug 9, 2023

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Harmony and Quietness: By reflection we can steer our psyche toward harmony and tranquility. It can assist us with supplanting shamefulness and work on the psychological state.
Profound Development: Reflection permits us to obviously perceive our spirit more. It can assist us with understanding our real essence and assist us with finding our actual self.
Co-activity and Thoughtfulness: Reflection fosters a feeling of co-activity and graciousness towards individuals around us.

Simplicity and Satisfaction: Contemplation helps us to carry on with life in the present and this provides us with a feeling of straightforwardness and bliss.


With contemplation we can work on our psychological and profound wellbeing and steer our life in a positive course.
Meditation affects your thoughts too. Apke vichar ek betrarin awasta me jane lagete hai. Saath kuchh chijo ak abhas aapko sapne ke madhaya se pehle ho hona lagta h. apke vichoro se log app se prabhavit hone lagte h. Why should God or God be clean along with a clean body and a clean heart along with your mind?

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