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We’ve been told that everything we eat is bad for us

Sep 14, 2020
Anna Williamson
Core Spirit member since Sep 12, 2020
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Each group blames the other for misleading the public and uses cherry picking and conspiracy theories to drive rhetoric

Since everything is bad, maybe I’ll just try photosynthesis 🤷🏼‍♂️⁣

Currently we have a war of misinformation going on between various diet tribes. Each tribe drives the rhetoric by claiming the other diet tribes research is biased, paid for by Big [insert industry you don’t like], and that the other tribes have lied to you, and if you just followed their way of eating, all your problems are solved. 🤦🏼‍♂️⁣

Do we really believe this rhetoric? All of these groups make the EXACT same argument, they only swap out the good/bad foods. They all cherry pick. They all ignore research that doesn’t support their bias. They all claim opposing research is paid off by evil, shadowy, all powerful industries 🙄. It’s the same shit with a different label. ⁣

Pleas don’t let yourself get sucked into this garbage. There are virtually no foods that are inherently ‘evil’. Foods that you consider ‘good’ can still be bad for you if eaten in excess. This topic is nuanced, depends on the person’s goals, and individual situation. Even so called ‘bad’ foods can be part of an overall healthy diet in the right context. ⁣

This is the current ‘war’ we are fighting as scientists against misinformation from ALL these groups. It’s a huge reason why people get frustrated with nutrition and end up just giving up many times because they feel like they can never do anything right because as soon as they feel like they’ve got it figured out, a new crazy diet group comes out with something that lets you know that what you are eating is going to make you fat and kill you 🤬⁣

So how do you know what to believe? In general, the more boldly someone speaks the less they know. The more bold the claims, they less they are backed by science. People who are actually science based tend to use a lot of nuance, don’t make bold claims, and will let you know when they don’t know the answer to something.

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Anna Williamson
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