We're The One - From The Eye of Unity
Oct 29, 2020

It all starts with ‘we’ when a seed is implanted into a mother’s womb and then the conditions therein develop it day by day, second by second till its complete fruition. The moment comes of separation then - transforming into a seemingly separate individual and the pain of separation is often expressed by an infant in the form of crying, crying out loud. Then its family gives it an identity in the form of its name and here it starts developing its false sense of identity in the form of ‘i’ while simultaneously developing its sense of other as a separate entity in the form of ‘You’ creating a sense of divide between different forms of existence that once sprouted from the same unified source of existence which can be called to as ‘I’.

We’re The One is structured and written in such a manner to allow its readers to understand some aspects of life, of existence, of unity, of fragrance, and would be a suitable read for anyone who is consciously seeking to evolve, to understand the very nature of consciousness, which unites each one of us through an invisible thread which is trying to express its infinite nature ever since it came to know about its nature, which is endless.

Book your copy of We’re The One - From The Eye of Unity now and realise your True Unified Nature, ever existing in unity with Unity Consciousness, ever flowing through you, and through me. Keep Shining your light around on this plane of existence and Keep Evolving. ✨

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