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We are all on a journey of leaving

Jul 20, 2023

This morning, while reading, a voice gently whispered,

"You are on the journey of leaving."

Then I recalled those times you worriedly asked me not to leave and anxiously anticipated that I would leave at some point.

My dear,

We are all on a journey of leaving.

The idea of settling down or staying somewhere is essentially an illusion which will always be proved at some point in anyone's life.

If you could wrap your head around this, you would start to see there is really no point to hold on to anything.

Your resentment as well as your joy.

Yet, this is not to tell you to take on a pessimistic view or a cynical attitude and to be an inactive person.

Not holding on doesn't mean there is nothing to be grateful for, to appreciate or to love.

In each split second of this illusion of staying on and togetherness, we shall give our full energy with full intention of love, do our best to appreciate and behave accordingly through the attempts to prolong this illusion.

Second to second, they are like beads. When we thread them together, they reveal the length of time. It takes tremendous efforts to be alive in each second - all organs have to be working in harmonious way according to their assigned function and the environment has to be fit for our survival.

So many is in play, all for an illusion.

Treat each and everyone of them with the highest reverence you can bring. It's of the gods and of the divine.

This illusion is the journey.
This knowing is the self.

This is the package called life.

So, get creative. Be an extraordinary illusionist.

Be love and be loved.

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