February 16


Billiards improves your actual wellbeing, supports the advancement of social connections, and is played in numerous rivalries. We will here give 4 valid justifications for why billiards is totally a game.

The French Sports Ministry and the European Sports Charter are clear: “Game” signifies all types of actual work which, through easygoing or coordinated investment, target communicating or improving actual wellness and mental prosperity, shaping social connections or acquiring brings about rivalry at all levels.

‍‍ Where does billiards fit into that definition?

‍Billiards improves your actual wellbeing, supports the advancement of social connections, and is played in numerous rivalries. The actual advantages of billiards are not to be outshone by its numerous different ethics. One of this current game’s key advantages is its capacity to practice the body. Also, the writing is on the wall. Billiards is a game, you can wager on that.

4 Good Reasons why Billiards is a Sport

Table, players, gear: your games won’t ever appear to be identical. This is one of the game’s novel’s highlights: no two games will actually resemble the other the same.

One game likewise keeps the global guidelines, which makes this game even more extraordinary.

Types of gear for playing pool

The system, testing method, mental endurance: the capacity to act under tension is certifiable athletic expertise. Billiards is an accurate sport with a difficult procedure that requires deftness. The entirety of that is a great deal of work!

Methodology, the challenge in billiards

Billiards was perceived in 1998 as an individual from the Olympic development. It is included in various worldwide rivalries, most quite the World Games, a multisport rivalry held like clockwork. Today, the World Confederation of Billiards Sports (WCBS) is driving a mission to demonstrate the game’s benefits to the International Olympic Committee. In March 2018, the WCBS formally introduced the nomination of billiards as an extra game in the 2024 Olympic Games in France, in full collaboration with the Fédération Française de Billard.

Recognition of billiards

A public association, clubs, capabilities… it truly appears to seem like a game, isn’t that so? Billiards is a game with 100 public leagues worldwide and over 200 rivalries coordinated every year in more than 90 nations. This organization was cultivated close by billiards’ extension by the French Ministry of Sports.

Billiard is a game


Mohammed Abou Elmagd from the Medical and Health Sciences University in the United Arab Emirates has additionally considered over this inquiry. As far as he might be concerned, the qualification among games and sports is clear: “A game is an active work did under fixed arrangement of rules, with rivalry or self-satisfaction or a mix of both. A game is a sporting action including at least one players, characterized by an objective that the players attempt to reach, and some arrangement of rules to play it..”

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