April 26

Using a PSI Ball in Healing-Healing the Shaman’s Way©

Using a PSI Ball in Healing-Healing the Shaman’s Way©

Norman W Wilson, PHD

PSI is said to be psychic energy; for me, it is so much more. It is real energy created by manipulating the flow of energy in your hands. It is tangible and you can see it. Before further discussion of the PSI Ball and its use in healing do the following to prove to yourself that energy is abundant in your hands.

First, get a clean sheet of white paper and place it at eye level. Second, vigorously rub your hands together for a minute. Then, hold one hand in front of the white paper and watch the energy flowing around your fingers. This is also called an aura.


To help ensure your success in creating and using a PSI ball as an aid to your healing, follow these steps. Do not rush through these six steps.

1. Play a meditation Mp3 file. (Select a file that has no voice.)

2. Close your eyes. Relax. Go with the flow of the sound.

3. Whatever thoughts you have do not concentrate on them or develop them.

4. In your mind’s eye look for a flowing color. The color doesn’t matter. Let it flow over your entire body.

5. Quietly let the color fade away.

6. Let energy flow to your right hand. In your mind, how does your hand feel? Warm? Cool? Nothing? Now do the same for your left hand.


Creating the PSI Ball:

1. Hold out your dominant hand like you would when receiving change at a store’s check out. Visualize energy flowing into your hand. Let it get warm. Do this with your other hand.

2. Rub your hands together; palms facing one another.

3. Clasp your hands together like you would holding a medium-sized ball; bottom fingers overlapping, and thumbs on top, crossed over each other. There should be an opening at the top of your hands; none on the bottom.

4. Visualize a ball of yellow/orange energy forming in your clasped hands. Feel its gentle warmth.

5. Hold your clasped hands about five inches from your face; gaze into the opening. You may need to close one eye. Once you have seen the PSI ball, slowly unclasp your hands, letting the PSI ball rest in one hand.

6. Carefully, raise that hand above your head, drop the ball on the crown chakra and let its energy flow down and over you. Enjoy the healing energy as it enters your body and brings you renewed vitality.

©Norman W. Wilson, PhD, 2021

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