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Use This Home-Grown Herb To Quit Smoking

Mar 29, 2018
Marguerite Little
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We all are aware of the harmful effects of smoking, still it’s pretty difficult to get our hands off those, no matter how much we try. Have you ever wondered if there are herbs that will help quit smoking?

As we smoke, our body gets used to nicotine and this leads to a craving for nicotine for our body to function properly. You start feeling anxious and restless when you don’t get to smoke and this condition is known as withdrawal.

And there are certain symptoms associated with it. It takes a period of time to overcome this condition. If you are very determined to get quit smoking, then this article will introduce to herbs that will help quit smoking faster.

Stevia is a herbal remedy to quit smoking has been tried and tested. This article will let you know how to stop smoking fast with the help of a herb that you could even grow at home. Read further to find out.

1. How Stevia Helps


As per a recent study, stevia helps cure cigarette and alcohol addiction. Stevia helps to block the craving signals that the body sends. This helps to overcome the cravings easily. This herb can be considered as one of the natural ways to quit smoking.

Stevia is a natural sweetener and is one of the best anti-smoking therapies. Stevia also has some other benefits, which includes fighting against obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

2. How To Grow Stevia At Home

Stevia at home

Stevia can thrive in warm areas. With protection, it can survive in colder areas as well. You can grow stevia in a 12-inch pot with high-quality soil. Place it in a well-lit area and water it when you feel the top portion of the soil turning dry.

3. Planting And Care

stevia grower

Stevia, which is considered as one of the best known herbs that will help quit smoking, requires some sort of care and protection for its growth. These plants shouldn’t be planted in loose and well-drained soil. The soil must be fed with vegetable plant food to prevent the plant from drying out during the hot summer time.

4. Harvest And Storage

dry stevia

When the plant blooms, trim the flowers.

This will allow the plant to grow more leaves. This plant will indeed help you know of how to stop smoking fast. Later, the leaves must be cut off and made to dry. Cut off the stems and strip the leaves. Spread them on a woven fabric or outside.

After drying it for a day, move it inside. Once the leaves are completely dry, crush it and grind. Store it in an airtight container and use it to sweeten foods and beverages. Stevia is one of the best herbs that will help quit smoking and you can even see the change in yourself very soon.

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