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Uncertainty of living

Apr 23, 2021

In these uncertain times , what are you going to depend upon ?

We have been locked in our house with our families, and it has become tough to be together for many of us .

We arent busy anymore . So we are left with ourselves .

We were not happy anyway doing our jobs , going to office daily. It was anyway killing us . Now the uncertainty of life , its unpredictability and that we are not more allowed for adventure outside is frustrating us .

So freinds , it looks like all outward faculties are being closed on us for we have explored the world enough and it cant take anymore . So its closing us down.

In times when outer adventures are shut down, can there be an inner adventure? An inner journey to extract joy and peace from our own being , if I can use the word being?

How do we know we are beings and not just mechanical response system ?

We know that we think and we experience sensation , so depending on our thoughts and sensation can we dig out our innermost being ?

We can start paying attention to the sensation of our breath , as we inhale and exhale , and not breathing in a particular pattern but just observing the sensation of our breath touching our nostril and leaving out.

When we pay attention to the breath , being observant of it and going deeper into the sensation , our dependance upon outside decreases and we start becoming self dependent as we can now just sit , and be peaceful watching the sensation of our breath .

Initially watching breath may not be so easy , so we can prepare step by step , to go into meditation and find that ever available bliss , and be free from the uncertainty of world .

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