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Trust For The Aeons To Come

Jul 17, 2023

Only if I could caress away the worries in your eyes and on your heart.

You love the ocean. It's probably the one and only thing you let yourself love freely and courageously.

What comes with love is the worry, worrying that it's going to change and die because of the vile, careless and ungrateful behaviors of human beings, over-polluting, over-fishing, over-exploring and on and on.

The love is served to you on a plate with cynicism, helplessness, hurt, disappointment and alienation from your kind.

Too much flavor to swallow. Life is.

I understand this heavy weight in your voice. Believe it or not.

I was there, where you are.

I had wondered if as a species, we were eventually only to cause more damage than something better, why were we here?

I had ground my teeth while anticipating everything I loved and appreciated was going to be lost.

Butterflies. Rice Fields. Whales and dolphins. Salmon. Limpid rivers. Fireflies. Fresh air.

My parents had these tales of their childhood. They could catch fish at their door steps during monsoon season when the water overflew from the river and sewerage. I grew up with a sense of loss for something I never experienced because for some reason some people or something took it from me.

Neither our grandparents generation, nor our parents generation, nor our generation was built to acknowledge that changes were part of the package. We carried on the sense of loss and the anger because of it unknowingly.

Is this how we want to build going forward?

I hosted the unfounded anger and cynicism for so long, which crippled my ability and capacity of really seeing my own world and what's possible for my own life.

The changes in this human life are so imminent.


This earth we know has been through extreme hyperthermia and hypothermia.

Its lands crashed, separated and drifted apart many times.

Life sprouted from non-existence into existence and into hundreds and thousands forms.

It knew intimately of scarcity and abundance.

It always finds the way. ALWAYS.

We, you and me, are smaller than a grain of sand all things considered if we get to have a conversation with the earth.

It's the evolution which we loose sight of since our life is much shorter than the grand scheme.

Then, can we trust even when we don't get to see the next grand appearance in this life?

Are we willing to trust in the current outlook of contraction that there will be all things magnificent coming out of it.

Can we let go of our fixed view of how things should be and really, trust that all is for the best even we have no clue what "best" means?

Can we trust that we matter even when we are smaller than a grand of the sand?

Our primate ancestors didn't know that they would one day stand on two feet or that they would conjure fire with two wood sticks.

When they did, they didn't know without standing on two feet or discover fire, we would one day walk on the moon and discover a galaxy.

They didn’t know the map of evolution and yet, they mattered.

What if the love is served with trust?

What world can we make for our own and the aeons to come?

Be love and be loved.

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