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Tips for Online Fitness Sessions

Nov 26, 2021
Core Spirit member since Nov 10, 2021
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Online fitness sessions can be an extremely helpful tool in keeping up with your workouts, dealing with anxiety and stress, and just a beautiful way of keeping everyone connected.

As someone who has been teaching online (even before Covid times) my belief is that it is here to stay and at times easier to commit to than in-person sessions. You can take classes from teachers all over the world without having to leave your living room.

Please read below for tips that will give you the best online experience:

Stable Internet: If you have WIFI issues, it might be better to use an ethernet cable plugged directly into your computer or to use mobile hotspot off your cellphone.

Sound: I would advise on logging on 5 minutes before the session so there are no frustrations and unnecessary delays with technology before we start. When you first open the app, I would test your camera and microphone which are icons located at the bottom left side of your screen. If you click on the down-arrow next to either of these icons you can make sure both are on and selected. Also, make sure your computer’s volume is up as far as it goes so you can hear the instructor.

Background: Now, your entire home is available for everyone to see and this includes the unmade bed and clothes on the floor. This isn’t a bad thing, and while it probably does not bother others, make sure it is not a distraction for you. You want your space to be calm, comforting and safe. Carve out a space where you have a neutral wall behind you, enough room to move without tripping hazards, and have your props stored nearby.

*I personally do not play music when I am teaching so I can hear clients if they have questions. But my clients are always welcome to play a playlist in their background. Many instructors (like myself) have Spotify and playlists that are created and perfectly sequenced for their yoga classes. Just ask for their username and their suggestions for a playlist that would suit the session beforehand.

Setting up your camera: Especially in a yoga class, we will alternate between sitting and standing. If you are able to position your camera so that you can stand up and sit during the class without having to readjust your device, you’ll find the class flows more smoothly. I again advise on logging on 5 minutes before the class starts, and to do the moves that require the most space. For the instructor to have the best view, it is best to set up the yoga mat so that it is sideways on the camera. My general rule is that I need to be able to see my entire body as I move through a sun salutation.

Enjoy your session and see you on the mat!

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