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This Popular Drink is An Effective Hay Fever Remedy
Mar 29, 2018

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No one likes hayfever. It’s a silly, annoying allergy that just gets in the way of things.

Imagine, your eyes and nose get irritated by plant pollen. Hayfever suffers are being rendered useless by plant sperm.

We all want bees to stay around and stop dying at a globally alarming rate, but it’s all a bit much when hayfever turns a stroll in the park into an all out attack on all your facial orifices, reducing you to mucus-filled, sneezing wreck of a human being.

Well, according to the folks at charity Asthma UK, hayfever sufferers can find refuge in an old alcoholic friend – gin.

Or vodka.

No, really.

According to Asthma UK, switching to clear spirits like gin or vodka in the summer can curb hayfever like symptoms in sufferers.

Apparently, beers and ciders can w orsen symptoms of hayfever and asthma due to their fermentation process. The higher histamine content in both alcohols can leave you vulnerable to a big sneezing fit while you’re enjoying yourself in a beer garden.

But a switch to “mother’s ruin”, can help curb the effects of hayfever when you are drinking. Gin also doesn’t contain any sulphites – which is a group of compounds known to provoke asthma and other allergy-like symptoms.

So, while we’re not telling you to start necking gin as a means to beat hayfever, we are telling you to swap your beer for a bit of it so you’re more interesting in the pub.

At least… until you get all gin drunk and really emotional.

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