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This is my sheild.

Mar 23, 2023
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The sheild of light in dark places

The sheild of light may come in many forms. May I inform you of what it is?.... It is solitude! Solitude is a tool, and a gathering point of the mind and its focus. To be aware of worldly concepts that only serve the lowly serves as an awareness for you, not the standard. It is for an example, as if you are looking from the inside out as a spectator, anticipating the next move. However you must be still to perceive the pictures, to understand what you are looking at.

Through solitude, awareness brings the mind to the point of innerstanding. In turn it also brings mental clarity and stability, Firmness in perception, having no fear from the blamers. As for forms, there are some people who master and create a mental space of solitude while in public. Others withdraw physically. Some do both.

As a mental note:

Inner fear, equals to enter here. **
enter with fear all the concepts of doubt and insecurity. Enter all into the mind of an unsuspecting person, if not realized


outer actions** Exit doors
Doors to all the opportunity in the world to realize and thrive within. Doors to financial strength and inner stability.

Actions are decisions. They are thought out by us.

You may live from a place of fear or graduate to the place of love or at least consideration, thought and action!

No deception can conquer the mental lense of a person that is aware of their goals self actualized and striving. Falsehood no longer deceives the mind once it is realized and then recognized.

The sheild is a metaphor for what we call solitude. It is often mistaken or mislabeled as depression, that may equal the need of personal time( i e solitude) or labled dark night of the soul. Qaulifying also are lonliness or being bored.
These are actually times of opportunity to grow inside and face the results of emotional or spiritual trauma. A time for realizing new ideas and paying attention to the thoughts in our mind.

Experiencing an alternate universe is having a different mind set.( state of mind) Its a different perception taking you towards a different reality....wisdom

They are, the gifts of solitude!
With that being said.
Id like you to know, that falling short of a goal is not failure when all the components to succeed are present....

It just may take longer!!

Robert L.

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