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This DIY Acne Treatment Works Like Magic
Mar 29, 2018

Maria Carter
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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Tea tree oil is becoming more and more popular. It is known for its cleansing, antimicrobial and skin-boosting properties. Tea tree oil is one of the most extensively researched essential oils out there. It all started in 1923, when an Australian chemist, Arthur Penfold, found that the antiseptic activity of tea tree oil was 12 times stronger than that of carbolic acid or phenol.

One study at the Prince Alfred Hospital in Australia revealed tea tree oil`s ability to perform just as well as a common over-the-counter acne treatment, without the side effects. Researchers wrote:

“We have performed a single-blind, randomised clinical trial on 124 patients to evaluate the efficacy and skin tolerance of 5% tea-tree oil gel in the treatment of mild to moderate acne when compared with 5% benzoyl peroxide lotion. The results of this study showed that both 5% tea-tree oil and 5% benzoyl peroxide had a significant effect in ameliorating the patients` acne by reducing the number of inflamed and non-inflamed lesions (open and closed comedones), although the onset of action in the case of tea-tree oil was slower. Encouragingly, fewer side effects were experienced by patients treated with tea-tree oil.”

DIY Tea Tree Acne Treatment

What You Need:

  • 10 drops of 100% therapeutic grade tea tree essential oil

  • 2 tablespoons of

  • ½ teaspoon l


1. Put all ingredients into a small bowl.

2. Blend well.

3. Apply to skin at bedtime.

4. Rinse with warm water in the morning.

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