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The Use of Pink in Colour Therapy

Jun 21, 2021
Alternate Pathways
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This is one of the smaller chakras, this one can be found next to the green chakra as it also works on the heart. Pink is the colour of self love and I tend to use this colour a lot in Colour Therapy and in all my holistic work.
Pink is emotionally soothing and calming, gently warming, nurturing, kind, considerate unselfish loving. Pink is also a great muscle relaxant which helps you to sleep, just try using pink bedding and see how you feel. Rose pink is uplifting and gently stimulating which supports and soothes. Baby pink indicates emotional immaturity and a need to be loved for yourself.
There are pink foods such as Rhubarb, Pink Salmon and Ham but you will find that most Pink foods are made by mixing a red food with a white food, and usually they are comfort foods like cakes, ice cream, candy floss, sweets etc. These are nice but be careful what you eat whilst you are self loving. You will often find yourself drawn to these foods at times of despair or crisis.
A good way to get pink into your body is to have a colour bath, just simply add pink bubble bath or a pink bath bomb to the bath water and relax into it; you could even add pink rose petals. If you’re feeling decadent then drink pink champagne, and eat pink filled chocolates in there too.
Children and animals respond well to Pink as they find it both relaxing and soothing, especially when they are ill, just by wrapping them in a pink blanket or giving them a pink cushion to lie on is enough to soothe.
Pink is a good colour to have in the bedroom for its relaxing properties but try not to overdo it as you may still feel over relaxed on waking. Try different shades of pink going from soft pink to plum in this room. In some contemporary businesses pink is often used in waiting areas, I once knew a dentist who had a pink dental room for children, everything was pink including the chair, this relaxed the children and they enjoyed visiting her practice. Pink can also be used in waiting rooms as well as green, and you will often see both pink and green together both in nature and in interior design as they both calm and relax the nerves.
Enjoy using Pink

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