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The Use of Magenta in Colour Therapy
Jun 28, 2021

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Magenta is related to the etheric spirit and is a chakra placed above the violet chakra which is situated above our heads in our auras. It is a dramatic spiritual colour. It looks after the meridian system which is the energy system that goes through our body and looks after the acupuncture points and foot reflexes which are continually used by holistic healers to help us stay well.
Magenta is an elusive colour and cannot be easily reproduced; it is best seen through a prism. If you wish to use magenta it is a good idea to find a magenta coloured flower for inspiration for your scheme, and copy from this. Magenta is a very spiritual colour but with practical overtones, which means it has a humanizing effect on us. When we are feeling despondent and worried about our condition and are angry and frustrated, magenta draws us out of this attitude and lets our spirit soar.
Together with violet, a decor scheme in magenta would be a theatrical and futuristic as a birth-death scenario. It is therefore advisable that only trained colour therapists should use these colours for a healing environment. You can use these colours yourself in small quantities in home furnishings in maybe a rug, painting, lampshade or blind to help uplift your mood, and help you to relax.
From a negative perspective, magenta reinforces the effect of violet, making us desire to be lifted out of the involvement of our present demanding world, avoiding challenges. It can also be too relaxing as it is a stronger shade of pink which is a muscle relaxant. This can be dangerous to those who have a tendency to opt out. So if you suffer from depression or are introverted avoid magenta in both your dress and surroundings.

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