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The Use of Black & White in Colour Therapy

Jul 12, 2021
Alternate Pathways
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This is not a colour we use in therapy as a healer as black is not really a colour, it is an accumulation of all colour, it is like a black hole which absorbs all colour. As therapists we do from time to time see black in auras which signifies to us a very serious illness looming.
Wearing black can be very protective especially if you are self sufficient, in authority and have control and are in a position to protect, e.g. Policemen.
Wearing black for ourselves can be protective if we need to be opinionated and not swayed by other people’s opinions, but we have to be in control, of ourselves in order to communicate an authorative image. Make sure you always wear black with highlights of a strong colour in order to counterbalance the negative effects. Diamond jewellery will inspire and protect you with a rainbow of colour; a scarf, belt or shawl will add life back to the black.
Avoid wearing black if you are depressed or despairing because of lack of self recognition and self denial. Black rejects help from others and promotes isolation. I see a lot of people who wear black all the time as a way of hiding from the world, wearing the black is actually helping them to stay in this state longer than is reasonable. Be aware that black does not hide you from the outside world it screams “Leave me alone” which is probably the least thing people need.
Black mourning clothes were only brought into fashion by Queen Victoria in the 19th Century after the death of her husband, she probably wore black to give the impression she was in control when she really wasn’t. Unfortunately it was her who decided she wanted to stay in mourning for the rest of her life. This became a fashion trend which still holds today. Before Victoria we all wore white to funerals, which emphasised the pure light. It is not healthy to our own well being to stay in mourning for the rest of our lives, so keep adding colour, even in small ways until you feel your true colourful self again.
Teenagers especially are drawn to black as black is used as a defence tactic. Teenagers are going through great hormonal changes which make them lack confidence in themselves and their ability to handle life efficiently. They may use black as a way of cloaking themselves whilst they discover their true identity. Most teenagers want to paint their rooms black, usually this is a process we all go through and come out of, but always keep an eye on your teenagers as this can sometimes cover up underlying depressions and anxieties.
Black can be a great colour for accentuating certain areas in the home but be aware it will suck out all the light so only use in areas that you wish to look smaller or cosier. Always use with a brighter colour, especially in the bedroom as going to sleep in a black room is actually ok, waking up in one is certain to affect your energy levels.
Use Black carefully, and remember when the sky is black, even the diamond stars shine brighter, we are not meant to live in a black world, use black as the background to your true colours.

White is the opposite to black, Yin and Yang are usually black and white, so where there is black there must also be white.
Pure white can be as frightening as pure black and can also be cold and clinical; so as with black always use with other colours. White reflects light which makes it brighter and is the perfect colour for us to wear in hot sunshine as it deflects heat from our bodies. White contains all the other colours in the spectrum showing positivity.
Wear white if you need a greater awareness and insight in your life- you may be indulging in being separate from reality. Wear white if you need to be open-minded, clear and receptive to new ideas and plans without action. White gives you time to stop and think, to reflect without decision making.
Avoid white if you are feeling lonely or isolated or cut off in any way, or if you need to participate, act or make decisions.
If you already wear white this shows you have a positive, well balanced and optimistic personality. You seek a simplified lifestyle free from outside pressures. You have chosen a simple and pure colour but one that reaches out for recognition. You are probably going through a transition period with new ideas that have not taken form. Be open minded and communicate for with white all things are possible.
Of course we associate white with virginity, birth and marriages. We wear white wedding gowns to show we are pure for our new partners; we dress our babies in white when they are born, but again these are new ideas to our society brought on by fashion, as we embrace a transition period of our lives. White tells us this is the beginning of a new period. White means clean, and shows up impurities, which is why we have white gowns in surgery and white sheets on hospital beds, white bandages and white tablecloths in restaurants amongst other things.
Too much white, like too much black is harmful to our well being as our bodies cannot shut down whilst surrounded by constant light. In interior design white must be used as an accent colour to make dark areas lighter or appear larger. We tend to have ‘white goods’ in our homes as they are the electrical appliances that keep us clean, warm and fed and until recently have been white to give us the feeling that everything is clean and safe after WW2 when the American dream dictated how we could all live better.
As a therapist if we see a lot of white in an aura this like seeing black is a warning sign that this person is not in touch with reality and needs earthing. Our auras should be a rainbow of colour.
White is the colour of the crown chakra, this is where we receive and give out most of our energy and this needs to be kept clear at all times. A lot of us suffer with hot heads from anger or energy blockages which can cause stress headaches. Try to keep this energy centre clear by massaging the top of your head in a clockwise direction in small circles and drink water. This will cure your headache and it helps hair loss too.
Enjoy white but don’t overdo it.

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