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The Ultimate, All-Natural Hangover Cure

Mar 29, 2018
Marguerite Little
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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So you’re enjoying a gluten-free vodka martini or a glass of certified organic wine. One thing leads to another, and you find yourself having a deep conversation with the family dog while wearing your husband’s tie around your head like some googly-eyed Zumba instructor…

Okay, I jest. But this is a classic time for overindulgence. And, while most people’s idea of a hangover cure is a greasy breakfast, there’s no scientific evidence that this really helps mitigate the suffering. In fact, it’s more likely to lead to heartburn.

So, Mike and I retreated to the Mama Natural laboratory to develop an all-natural recipe that’s scientifically formulated to ease the severity and duration of hangovers, and we’ve come up with something amazing!

Here’s the science behind our cure – and the easy recipe too.

Our miracle concoction is made up of coconut water, banana, almonds, ginger, oatmeal, gelatin, and honey. Let’s break down each ingredient, shall we?

Coconut water

Coconut water has the five electrolytes that your body needs: potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous, and calcium (Gatorade has only two). Interesting to note, coconut water is so similar to our blood that it has been used intravenously when conventional IV fluids are unavailable. Alcohol depletes our body of precious minerals and dehydrates the system. Coconut water is the perfect antidote and serves as a powerful rehydrator.


Athletes love bananas because they’re packed with potassium – and that’s the same reason why they make a star appearance in our elixir. The body loses lots of potassium after heavy drinking, and this will help you replenish. Bananas also contain a balanced mixture of fructose and glucose, which will help metabolize the toxins and restore glycogen levels.

Ginger Root

For centuries, people have used ginger to combat seasickness and nausea. So it’s a key player here. Ginger also aids in digestion and calms the stomach.


Apparently, Native Americans used almonds before drinking to prevent hangovers. But we included almond butter in our recipe because it’s high in Vitamin E and fats that support the liver. It also has protein, which helps balance blood sugar and promotes satiety.


This breakfast staple contains plenty of nutrients and also helps neutralize acidity in the body, which is key when you’ve got the brown bottle flu. Oats are a complex carbohydrate that burns slowly in the body, so your blood sugar levels will stay stable.


Gelatin binds to water and helps food move through the digestive tract, improving digestion. It also coats and can heal the stomach and intestinal lining. Perfect! Oh yes, it contains satisfying protein too.


The Royal Society of Chemistry touts honey as an ideal way to combat a hangover. The fructose helps the body metabolize alcohol, plus it contains potassium like the banana. It also contains antibacterial properties and is full of enzymes, all of which will help you feel better in a hurry.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is high in minerals, particularly sodium, which helps calm the nerves and reduce adrenaline levels. Maybe this is why we crave salty things when we drink?

Bifidus Powder

Bifidus is a good bacteria that lives in our small intestine and helps with digestion. It also detoxifies acetaldehyde, a byproduct of alcohol that contributes to hangovers. Bring it!

Those are some hangover hatin’ ingredients, huh?

Now here’s how to whip them up into a super tasty shake.

Ingredients & Amounts:

  • 3⁄4 c. coconut water

  • 1⁄2 c. oatmeal

  • 1 frozen banana

  • 1-2 TB almond butter

  • 1 TB honey

  • 1 inch peeled ginger root or 1⁄2 tsp. ginger powder

  • Dash of sea salt

  • 1 TB water-soluble gelatin

  • 1 tsp bifidus powder


  • Chop your frozen banana into small pieces

  • Put into blender and add all remaining ingredients

  • Blend until smooth

  • Pour into glass and drink slowly

  • Enjoy! (We hope you don’t need it too badly ?)

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